Miss America 2017: What To Know About Winner Savvy Shields

Beauty pageant winners across America came together on Sunday night with each contestant representing her state, as the Miss America pageant sought to identify that one lady who most closely represents the ideals of America. This year’s winner was Miss Arkansas, otherwise known as Savvy Shields, who was chosen above 51 other contestants for her beauty, intelligence, and skills. Now, as Shields finds herself cast beneath the sudden glare of the national spotlight, everyone is asking who is Savvy Shields. A closer look at Savvy’s role in the Miss America pageant lends some clues to her personality and social views, while details about her life reveal more about the beauty pageant winner as a person.

Miss America 2017 Judges Are Captivated By Savvy Shields

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CBS News reports that this year’s Miss America judges were most impressed by the looks and talents of Miss Arkansas, applauding her dance moves to the tune of “They Just Keep Moving the Line,” a song from NBC’s Smash. Beyond the talent section and the attraction to Savvy’s beauty, judges were also impressed by Ms. Shields’ views on politics. One specific response most impressed the Miss America judges, as Ms. Shields was asked for her opinion of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“If you’re trying to be leader of the free world, everything you say and do matters. And all of your actions are held to a higher standard. And unfortunately, the media does love to sensationalize everything,” Savvy explained. “It’s hard to decide what is truth and what is truly scandal. Both of the contestants have done a great job.”

Shields shared that she is an art major in college and also has a passion for helping people make healthier food choices. Savvy’s secret dream is to perform as a backup dancer for Beyonce. Ms. Shields’ jazz dance during the talent portion of the Miss America contest may just be as impressive to Beyonce as it was for the contest judges.

A Deeper Look At Savvy Shields

E! News gives us a more in depth look at Savvy Shields, only a few hours after she has stunned the nation and claimed the 2017 Miss America crown, taking up the mantel from last year’s winner, Betty Cantrell. One of the most entertaining facts about Savvy is her interest in performing as one of Beyonce’s backup dancers, as Ms. Shields says that’s an ambition shared by most dancers. She adds that this is especially true of the singer’s latest album tour, hinting a great love for the new music.

If Savvy’s outlook on life is any indication, she may very well achieve that dream. The Miss America pageant winner says she never settles and she never allows herself to feel she has reached her life goals. She feels that feeling accomplished can lead to complacency and that’s something she doesn’t want in her life.

“I want to always feel like the best day of my life is going to keep happening. I don’t want to think that I’ve hit it,” Shields says. “I want to keep expecting and knowing that better things are going to happen in my life.”

Savvy also admits to enjoying the college experience, right down to hanging out with her sorority sisters between classes. Doubling up on her course load with a major in art and a minor in business, Shields may not have much free time, but what time she does have is divided up between her sorority activities and charities. Shields shares her time between two main charities, Reading Is Fundamental and Children’s Miracle Networks Hospitals, because she feels each of those causes are vital to helping children grow up happy and healthy.

Already that seems like enough to keep Savvy Shields busy from dawn through dusk, but our new Miss America also has a passion for fitness and healthy eating, promoting her “Eat Better, Live Better” platform on campus and on Instagram. Putting her money where her mouth is, Shields offers up her favorite healthy meal.

“All time favorite dinner. Brussel sprouts and salmon for the win,” says Savvy. “Season them with pepper and paprika and you’re good to go!”

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