The Most Disturbing Thing About Hillary’s Medical Episode

Caitlin Johnstone

You gotta love it when "conspiracy theory" becomes conspiracy fact.

In case you somehow haven't heard the news, Hillary Clinton was videotaped today being literally dragged into a car by her staff after collapsing and apparently losing consciousness after leaving the ceremony memorializing the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks due to "feeling overheated".

This is of course a bizarre statement, since according to the official narrative released by Clinton's own camp she was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness on Friday, which we were never told about until she lost consciousness on camera in front of the nation on Sunday. This would by definition mean that she was in fact secretly ill, though we're being told to accept that she was secretly ill for a much shorter amount of time than people have been questioning her health for. We're being told boldly and authoritatively that the people who kept it a secret that the would-be leader of the free world was terribly sick for two days would never dream of keeping it a secret that she had a more chronic or serious condition than pneumonia, and that anyone who suggests otherwise is still a ridiculous conspiracy theorist.

Sure. Fine. Whatever guys. That's a really weird thing for you to ask us to believe, but that's not what I'm finding so disturbing about all this.

What I'm finding so disturbing, at the moment, is how nonchalant Clinton's staff were about her collapse in that video. Watch it for yourself, if you haven't already. They anticipated her knees buckling, then calmly gathered round and stuffed her into her vehicle like a rolled-up Persian rug. They displayed no more emotion than you would re-stuffing a fallen scarecrow and putting it back on its mount.

And then, rather than take her to the nearest and best medical facility, they took her to her daughter's house. Clinton was clearly in a very bad way, but she's not worthy of an actual medical facility?

This is our next president! Where was the emergency cavalcade? Why weren't people treating her with the respect that she deserves?

Who are these people? Where do they find them? Is this the sort of person Clinton is surrounded by all day? People who just toss her around like a sack of potatoes and put her wherever she needs to be, regardless of how she's feeling or what she's going through? Was it even her choice to go to the 9/11 ceremony, or was she coerced? We've seen how shamelessly open Wall Street execs can be with publicly issuing her orders on decisions as important as selecting a running mate. There are some major players pulling the strings behind the scenes, and they would seem to have a great deal invested in Clinton.

How monstrous would that be, though? If these people are leveraging a poor, sickly old lady to schlep all over the country without regard for how she's feeling and what she's going through? What an abusive, disgusting thing would that be? Leaving aside your feelings about Clinton and what she's done in the past, what kind of depraved indifference would allow anyone to do that to a human being?

These are all questions that need to be asked and investigated with rigorous curiosity, no matter what labels they try to pin on us for doing so.

[Photo Carolyn Kaster/AP Images File]