‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: Spoilers From September 11 Episode Include New ‘BB18’ HOH Getting Crowned, Week 12 Nominations Revealed

This September 11 Big Brother 18 recap comes from the Sunday night episode. The BB18 house was down to just five contestants after Natalie Negrotti got evicted last week. The focal point of this hour was to show who had won the Week 12 Head of Household competition and who they chose to nominate for eviction. A lot was on the line for the final five houseguests. This episode of the show was aired by CBS on Sunday, September 11, at 8 p.m. PT/ET.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Victor Arroyo was the HOH in charge of the final six, with the task of deciding which two duos were going to survive. Victor and Paul Abrahamian decided to continue working with Corey Brooks and Nicole Franzel, dictating that Natalie Negrotti and James Huling would be targeted for eviction. Natalie and James were then nominated and once Corey won the Veto, it was only a matter of time until one member of the “Jatalie” alliance was going to join the BB18 jury.

The September 11 Big Brother 18 recap officially begins with the “previously on Big Brother” segment of the episode. A quick synopsis of the week Victor was in charge was reviewed, working all the way up to eviction night. Corey had decided to not use the Veto, meaning Natalie and James would both remain on the block. Victor originally wanted to evict James due to how good he was at the game, but they started feeling bad for him due to how Natalie was acting in the BB18 house. It all led to a 3-0 unanimous eviction of Natalie, with everyone wanting to work with James again.

It was then time to continue the latest Head of Household competition, which didn’t come to a conclusion before the Thursday night episode (September 8) came to an end. In the backyard, Paul Abrahamian, Corey Brooks, Nicole Franzel, and James Huling competed for the power. The HOH competition consisted of transporting eight gallons of butter from one side of a slippery path to the other side, where a container was waiting. The object was to be the first houseguest to fill up their butter bowl in order to secure power over the BB18 house.

Corey Brooks jumped out to a big lead in the latest Big Brother 18 HOH competition, figuring out a good way to get down the slippery incline. He was also able to take advantage of his long strides in order to get back up the incline much quicker than the other houseguests. Paul Abrahamian could barely stay standing, but decided to start sliding down his ramp in order to get to the end quicker. Nicole Franzel did find a good rhythm, though a bit slower than Corey, while James Huling appeared to be running in place at times.

The houseguests were all given a scoop to carry the butter, with an option to go for a larger scoop by filling up a smaller bowl. Nicole and Paul decided to go for that larger scoop, while Corey and James remained focused on their main bowls. It was a strategy that started to pay off for Nicole, as she began catching up to Corey very quickly once she had the larger scoop in hand. In the end, though, it didn’t matter enough, as Corey filled up his large bowl first and won the HOH competition. This meant that Corey and Nicole had control of the BB18 house once again.

Now it is time for the part of this September 11 Big Brother 18 recap where everyone celebrates the win by the new HOH. Victor Arroyo was particularly pleased, feeling that he would be safe because he was in a final four alliance with Corey Brooks. Paul Abrahamian appeared to be acting the same way, celebrating in the bathroom and then in the pantry with Corey and Nicole Franzel. Meanwhile, James Huling went back to the bedroom, reminiscing about his time with Natalie Negrotti in the BB18 house and noting how sad he was that she had been sent to the jury.

Corey and Nicole then became set on a plan to shake up the BB18 house again, with the intent to target Victor for eviction. Corey was still upset that Victor had gone after Paulie Calafiore, so he felt this was fair retribution. Paul would become the secondary target for eviction. Wrapping up this September 11 Big Brother 18 recap, Corey Brooks nominated Paul Abrahamian and Victor Arroyo for eviction. This leaves the Veto as the only way for either one of the duo to secure personal safety.

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