Giselle Esteban: ‘Snapped’ Spotlights Ex-Friend Who Lured, Killed California Nurse, Michelle Le

Giselle Esteban, the woman who killed her best friend, Michelle Le, five years ago, will have her story spotlighted for the second time this year on Snapped on the Oxygen Network. This past March, the Inquisitr brought you Giselle Esteban’s story when it aired on Investigation Discovery’s See No Evil. Michelle Le was a missing nursing student who disappeared but was later found murdered. Giselle Esteban is currently serving time for the murder.

Oxygen’s Snapped will recount how Michelle Le, a nursing student at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, vanished into thin air in May 2011. The young nursing student, who was in class shortly before she disappeared, told her professor that she needed to go out to her car to retrieve some medication. The car was parked inside the hospital’s parking garage. Her worried professor decided to look for her when Michelle Le failed to return.

Classmates and the professor made repeated attempts to contact Michelle Le. They finally got a response, but in the form of an odd text, which stated that she was heading to Reno.

Instantly, people felt there was something strange about the text messages since everyone knew what a dedicated student Michelle Le was—someone who would never blow off a class to head out of town.

By midnight, according to the Snapped documentary, Michelle Le’s professor reached out to hospital security, who later found blood on the ground, where Michelle’s car was originally parked.

Police investigators spoke with friends and family members about the missing nursing student. Giselle Esteban, a former friend of Michelle Le, admitted that their relationship was strained since she believed that Michelle had slept with her boyfriend. Giselle Esteban’s attitude and comments immediately put her on investigators’ radar.

Detectives pulled video surveillance records from the hospital and discovered that Giselle Esteban was at the hospital the day Michelle Le disappeared. Not only was Giselle there that day, but footage captured her wearing a nursing lab coat. Law enforcement officials were also able to connect the fake text messages that were sent from the victim’s phone to the video tape, which showed Giselle Esteban sending them.

In reality, Giselle Esteban was never a good friend to Michelle Le, and she was often envious of what her friend was accomplishing in life, and as far as her own life, authorities say that she had a history of violence and depression, according to CBS Local. In their article, the following is mentioned.

  • In court documents, Giselle Esteban is described as volatile and aggressive, especially in her long, tumultuous relationship with Marasigan, who was awarded full custody of the couple’s daughter last September.
  • Esteban’s bouts with depression and other difficult chapters in the relationship with Scott Marasigan were detailed in the couple’s 2010 custody dispute.
  • Two psychiatric evaluations filed in the dispute said Esteban has a history of depression and describe an incident when she was 20 in which friends called 911 after finding her asleep near an empty bottle of anti-depressants.

Along with close friends, classmates, and family, other members of the community were deeply saddened by the crime. Months after she disappeared, Michelle Le’s dead body was finally discovered in the woods, according to SF Gate.

“They’re going to spend a lot of time in an autopsy trying to establish cause of death. Now, it is difficult because the body has been gone for many months, but it is an important piece of the puzzle, and it’s also something that the defense is going to want to analyze, to see if cause of death can be established – or lack of a cause of death. That’s helpful to the defense.”

Giselle Esteban, who at one time was as close to Michelle Le as any sister, was convicted and sentenced to 25 years to life in a California correctional facility. Watch the story unfold on Snapped tonight at 9/8 p.m. Central.

[Photo by Paul Sakuma/AP Images]