New ‘Zayn Malik’ Song Released As ‘Boys’ TV Show Revealed

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid made headlines at New York Fashion Week, and this means it may have been easy to overlook the fact that “Zayn Malik,” a song by Swet Shop Boys, was released on September 7. Also, the television show that Zayn Malik was rumored to be a part of has recently dropped a few more details.

Stereogum said that “Zayn Malik” was a preview track off of the upcoming Swet Shop Boys album, Cashmere, to be released on October 14.

About the song “Zayn Malik,” important lyrics to remember are Riz MC rapping “there’s more than One Direction to get to paradise” and Heems ending the song with “I am a radiator, I am a toaster, I am a college dorm room poster.”