‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: What Was The Week 12 POV Challenge About, And Why Was Corey Upset With Nicole When It Was Over?

On September 10, 2016, Big Brother 18 live feeds caught all the action in the house following the Week 12 Power of Veto (POV) competition, including the theme of the challenge. Live feed viewers were also entertained with the innocuous bickering between Nicole Franzel and her showmance partner Corey Brooks regarding a portion of the POV.

To put things into perspective, it should be noted that the Week 12 Head of Household (HOH) is Corey, who was victorious in the infamous slip and slide challenge that forced houseguests to navigate down a greased up alleyway with a scoop of liquefied popcorn butter, which was to be placed in a large receptacle. Corey was the fastest at filling up his receptacle and thus he won HOH.

Corey chose to remain loyal to James Huling, so he nominated Paul Abrahamian and his closest ally in the Big Brother 18 house, Victor Arroyo, for eviction.

On Saturday, the POV was played and Nicole won that challenge. She predictably chose not to use the medallion to save a nominee, so Paul and Victor remain on the chopping block.

According to Big Brother 18 houseguest banter after the POV was played, the challenge was one well-known to fans, as it consisted of comic books with themes based on each houseguest’s characteristics.

Joker’s Updates reports that Corey’s comic book had a Christmas theme, due to the fact that he made a comment, seen on one Big Brother 18 episode, about how he and his roommates go over the top when it comes to decorating for, and celebrating, Christmas.

As far as Paul, his comic book was apparently related to being a motor mouth, while Paulie Calafiore’s had something to do with pies due to a punishment he incurred via a Big Brother 18 competition prior to his eviction, which required to make apple pies on demand.

The houseguests also discussed the comic book of Michelle “Big Meech” Meyer, which depicted her as being bigger than a surrounding town, while referring to her as being a vomiting crybaby, Joker’s Updates reports. All cast members believed Michelle would be quite upset if she knew about the comic, but noted she was likely depicted in that manner because she had made fun of Big Brother 18 host Julie Chen during one point in the game.

Apparently, Bridgette Dunning’s comic had her plant Mr. Jenkins on the cover with her, while Tiffany Rousso was depicted as an emotional time bomb, and Bronte D’Aquisto had a comic that showed her as a mathematics brainiac, according to Joker’s Updates.

#BB18 Feed Updates revealed that on Natalie Negrotti’s comic book, she was called some sort of peppy princess. According to Paul, this was because she hated being called a princess.

Victor’s comic book must have been very nice to look at, as #BB18 Feed Updates reports that Victor said he “fell in love” with himself and “that guy” was not him.

Conflict arose between Corey and Nicole regarding the challenge because it appears that not only did Corey’s comic book contain a Christmas theme, but Nicole was part of it as well. According to Joker’s Updates, there was an “illustration of Nicole’s butt” on it and Corey was depicted as a missile with a caption that was something like kiss your behind goodbye.

Corey didn’t seem to understand why he was the only houseguest that didn’t get the cover of a comic book all to himself, asking Nicole, “Why are you even in mine?” Due to his stance, Nicole asked Corey if he was offended to be in a showmance with her, according to #BB18 Feed Updates. His answer was, “Oh my gosh… Are you serious Nicole?”

The two, affectionately nicknamed “Nicorey,” didn’t argue for long and eventually could be seen on Big Brother 18 live feeds up in the HOH bedroom cuddling after turning in for the night.

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