Britney's Back in Action and Paps are Primed

There's a lot going on in Britney's world, and for the most part, it's actually all good. If you had been thinking that the day would never come, you weren't alone: every "journalist" and his mother will be choking the Los Angeles streets to catch a glimpse of. . . something when she arrives at her custody hearing tomorrow. The scent of comeback could be getting stronger, but not as strong as that of normalcy.

Despite the dangers of newfound confidence, this could be Britney's break in a tough year. Think about it: she just jetted back from hanging with the fam, her sister seems genuinely excited about having a baby, Brit's slated to appear in another episode of How I Met Your Mother, and people seem to really like her again. I mean, besides the crazed fans who loved her anyway.

I'd still recommend that you hang on to your cowboy hats, 'cause if we know Britney, things could take a quick turn into sh**tsville, and fast. One thing I am sure of: there'll be plenty of footage of the paparazzi fighting each other off to get a glimpse of Britney.

Image right: People (Francis Specker/Landov)