Six Flags Hurricane Harbor: Teen Hospitalized After Falling 60-Feet Off Water Slide

A Los Angeles teenager fell 60 feet from one of the tallest water slides at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. The young man opted to go head first instead of feet first as intended and fell over the edge of the Venom Drop water park attraction. The 19-year-old landed on a barbed wire fence and was rushed to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries. The tragic accident happened on Sunday, the park’s last day of the season.

Witnesses to the water slide accident claim that the victim muscled his way past both life guards and folks waiting in line for their turn on the Venom Drop. Going head first on the Hurricane Harbor slide allegedly caused the teenager to loose his balance and fall over the side within seconds of getting into the rushing water, according to the Daily Mail.

Six Flags accident witness Arturo Mendez had this to say during an interview with ABC7 News:

“All of a sudden we hear a scream. This guy, he tried to stand up, he’s supposed to lie down on his back and he just fell to the left side.”

The Venom Drop is reportedly one of the most popular attractions at the Six Flags Hurricane Harbor amusement park. The water slide is just one of the rides which comprise the Black Snake Summit, the tallest ride at the Los Angeles attraction. According to park rules, guests must travel feet first on the 650-foot long attraction for safety purposes.

Water slide accident witness Robert Shank noted life guards attempted to stop the teenager, but he allegedly fought past them and dove straight onto the Six Flags Hurricane Harbor slide head first.