Jude Law On His Parenting Philosophy, And Playing A 'Saint And Sinner' Pope In New TV Series 'The Young Pope'

Stacey Cole

Jude Law has turned out to be one of those parents who doesn't enforce their will on their children. According to TV3, Jude Law has expressed his willingness to give a free hand to his 19-year-old son in pursuing a career in a field of his own liking.

Rafferty Law, Jude's 19-year-old son, is poised to be an influential supermodel in the field of fashion modeling as the newbie fashion model has already started garnering attention in the fashion world by receiving modeling offers from famous fashion houses like Dolce and Gabbana and DKNY. Though Rafferty bears his father's good looks, he has mostly taken after Sadie Frost, his actress mother and Jude Law's ex-wife, who had also started her career as a model before she ventured into films.

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"From that point of view there are pieces of advice I would like to give. But he's got to find his own path and make his own mistakes, and have his own triumphs."

While the media is abuzz the news about Jude Law's love life, the actor has geared up to portray a religious figure who is poised to play a political game in an arena which is far away from romance and family life. According to Deadline, Jude Law, the doting father in real life, is poised to play a shrewd and cunning Pope in the upcoming The Young Pope, a television drama that focuses on the political struggle going on within the elite of the Vatican.

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According to Deadline, Paolo Sorrentino, the director of the television series, highlighted the many complexities imbibed in Jude Law's character that is being touted as both a saint and a sinner.

"The most mysterious and contradictory figure of all turns out to be Pius XIII himself. Shrewd and naïve, old-fashioned and yet very modern, doubtful and resolute, ironic, pedantic, hurt and ruthless."

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According to the Independent, the intriguing plot of The Young Pope will make many audiences draw parallels with House of Cards, Netflix's political drama that focused on the corruption behind American politics. The first two episodes of Jude Law's upcoming show were shown at the Venice Film Festival with an aim to promote the television series. However, the two episodes provided viewers with little more than a sneak peek at what's to come in the highly-anticipated television series.

Watch the trailer for Jude Law's The Young Pope here.