iPad Mini Production To Hit 10 Million Units In Q4

Apple is gearing up for an October press release and likely sales date for the Apple iPad Mini, and at least one analyst believes the company will produce 10 million of the units in Q4. An analyst at Barclays claims that iPad maker Foxconn will be responsible for seven million units while Pegatron will produce three million additional devices for Apple.

According to reports, Apple wanted to drastically increase iPad Mini production in September, but they were faced with component shortages that ultimately led to a delay in large-scale assembly.

Even with the setback Barclays analyst Kirk Yang believes Apple will convince its production partners to push production numbers are hard as humanly possible.

According to Yang:

“As most iPad component vendors ramp up shipments in September that would continue into the fourth quarter of 2012, we do not see any signs of a postponed shipment schedule, suggesting an on-time October product launch.”

Once released, Apple will provide users with a tablet that provides a 7.85-inch display surrounded by a thin bezel. The device is also expected to include Apple’s new Lightning connector just like the recently released iPhone 5.

With the iPad Mini likely to be released just ahead of the holiday shopping season, the 10 million units mark shouldn’t be a problem for Apple, especially if the device is as well received as the iPhone 5 and previous iPad devices.

Do you see the value in Apple releasing a smaller version of its already popular iPad device line?