Lee Min Ho Goes To Spain Amidst Bae Suzy Breakup Rumors To Shoot New Korean Drama 'Legend of the Blue Sea'

Patricia Grannum

Lee Min Ho is leaving for Spain on September 11 to shoot new Korean drama, Legend of The Blue Sea, leaving kdrama fans to wonder how this news will affect his relationship with Uncontrollably Fond actress, Bae Suzy, the International Business Times reports.

As Inquisitr previously reported, there were even claims that Lee Min Ho had asked Bae Suzy to leave Uncontrollably Fond because he was jealous of her deepening relationship with her hunky co-star.

SEE ALSO: 'UNCONTROLLABLY FOND' ACTRESS BAE SUZY ASKED TO LEAVE KOREAN DRAMA BY BOYFRIEND LEE MIN HO? — IS KIM WOO BIN TO BLAME? But for a talented actor like Lee Min Ho, his career has to be prioritized over personal relationships. So it seems that his focus is on his upcoming Korean drama project Legend Of The Blue Sea.

As Yibada notes, Legend Of A Blue Sea has an interesting plot. Lee plays a con-artist who uses multiple identities to scam people while his co-star, Jun Ji-Hyun, plays a mermaid adjusting to life in modern South Korea. The two embark on a love story that has a great chance of making big waves when Legend Of The Blue Sea premieres in 2017.

In an interview with Drama Fever, Lee Min Ho seemed excited about taking on a role in a fantasy drama

"I think this will be a series that has an appropriate amount of fantasy. Since the drama contains elements that are universally acknowledged, I think that this project will give off a more familiar feel to the viewers," Min-Ho said.

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Lee Min Ho also expressed an excitement to work with Jun Ji-Hyun. Maybe Bae Suzy should be the one feeling jealous!

"Firstly, she's a top actress who's been in the industry for many years," said Lee. "So I think it'll be a good setting for me to learn from her as a fellow actor. This is a long-awaited comeback series for her as well. It's been a long time since I've also appeared in a drama. So I think it will be a fun and meaningful time."


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As Inquisitr previously reported, Lee Min Ho and Bae Suzy are considered a top celebrity couple among Korean drama fans. But they unfortunately have to almost constantly dodge breakup rumors. Given that Lee Min Ho will be leaving Korea for Spain tomorrow to shoot Legend Of A Blue Sea, those rumors probably aren't going to die down anytime soon.

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