Katy Perry’s Plans For World Domination Include A Fashion And Lifestyle Collection

Katy Perry briefly topped the charts with her song “Rise,” which was the official anthem for the 2016 Olympic Games. Since then, Katy has been the center of the spotlight with her crazy photos from Burning Man and her new ads for CoverGirl. The singer revealed that she is just getting started on expanding her empire.

Katy Perry

The 31-year-old pop star is dominating Twitter with her strong presence. According to a report via Morning Ticker, Perry has well over 90 million followers on Twitter, making her one of the most-followed celebrities on the social media site. Perry revealed in a recent interview with Women’s Wear Daily that although she’s humbled by the title, she’s also weirded out by it.

“You get dopamine every time you post something and you get that reaction. But it’s weird being the person that has the most followers. I know what that animal is and it’s a dance, you know? I do all my posting which you can tell because sometimes I have horrible grammar or typos or I post late.”

Perry also praised her family and friends for helping keep her sane and grounded while growing up in the public eye. Don’t expect Perry to speak about bad blood among her fellow pop stars. Instead, she wants to maintain her grace since everyone’s eyes are constantly on her.

“It’s a trust your gut thing and it’s not really steered me that wrong. I’ve always been very in tune with my intuition. Thankfully and I’ve got great family and friends that keep me grounded. It’s all about balance because to me this whole career, or this opportunity, is a total inhuman experiment. I feel like most people don’t survive it.”

Women’s Wear Daily has just reported that Perry unveiled her first-ever footwear collection with Global Brands Group last month. Now, the “Dark Horse” singer wants to expand on that line with a fashion and lifestyle collection with a Hong Kong fashion firm, in which she hopes her adoring fans, called Katy Cats, become her customers.

“I am always conscious of my audience. At my shows, I could jack up the ticket price for my peers, but I always have a price range available for that person who’s always been my fan. I didn’t grow up with any money and I was always getting by the skin of my teeth, so affordable is just ingrained in me.”

In the interview, Perry says she aspires to be a mix of Charlotte Olympia, Sophia Webster, and Kurt Geiger, “but with my own spin for a more accessible price point.”

Katy Perry

When it comes to her role models, don’t expect Perry to utter the words Taylor Swift. Besides, Perry’s pop arch-nemesis has not really dipped her toe in the fashion world except with her eponymous collection in China in an effort to combat knockoffs. Perry said that she looks up to her BFF Rihanna, especially when it comes to her partnerships with Dior and Puma.

However, Perry is not always the most fashionable person. When she showed up for her interview, she was noted wearing a black Adidas tracksuit and her matching Adidas rubber sandals. Perry says she often wears her signature “uniform” when she doesn’t want to be noticed by the paparazzi.

guess where I am

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Katy Perry Footwear will officially make its debut in January to promote her upcoming spring 2017 collection. The collection has since been cut down to 60 styles and will be inspired by Perry’s recent trips to Cuba and Greece, as well as her infamous Italian beach getaway with a very nude Orlando Bloom paddleboarding behind her.

I know it's a little cheeky, butt... Cycling in The ile de re, France ????????

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Each of the shoes will also include Perry’s colorful personality and sense of humor with details like dollar sign motifs and emoji appliques. Designed exclusively for women, the footwear collection will include sandals, sneakers, and heeled shoes ranging from $59 to $299, reports Foot Wear News.

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