September 9, 2016
Heather Dubrow On Giving Co-Star Another Shot: Did Kelly Dodd’s Husband Cause Friction?

Heather Dubrow was very critical of her co-star Kelly Dodd when Kelly first joined The Real Housewives of Orange County. After being together at a few parties, Heather realized that her co-star clearly had a temper and that she would need to be careful around her.

During Tamra Judge's dinner party for Meghan King Edmonds, Dubrow was shocked when Dodd lost her cool and started yelling at Shannon Beador. Dubrow tried to kick Kelly out of the party but realized that she wasn't the one deciding on the guest list and left the party in tears.

According to a new Bravo report, Heather Dubrow is now revealing that she's giving Kelly another shot, even though she said that she would never want to be around Dodd again. When Tamra was planning her trip to Glamis, Heather was questioning whether she should even go to the trip. However, it sounds like the trip and the scary accident really brought Dubrow and Dodd closer together.

"If you watch the show the other night when we got into the dune buggy accident, a near-death experience can really bring people together," Heather Dubrow revealed in an interview with Jenny McCarthy, adding, "So at this point in the season, what I will say is I was probably of the same mind as you, and I'm giving her a restart after this accident because when you see someone with their kids, you see that part of their lives, it really humanizes someone, so I appreciated that about her, and she was very, very nice to my son."

Of course, Kelly and Heather Dubrow have some things in common. They are both married to successful men, they both have children, and they both had a hard time when joining The Real Housewives of Orange County. While Dodd struggled with her behavior, Heather was called pretentious.

Dubrow was questioning Kelly in the beginning because of her outrageous behavior. Dodd admitted that she did have an anger issue and that she lost control when she got upset. Dubrow was concerned that her children may hear that behavior at one time, and Terry, her husband, even said that they didn't need to be around people like that. However, the accident made her forget some things, and she reveals that many friendships will change going forward.


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"What happens the rest of the season, I know everyone says this every season, but I'm telling you it's insane," Heather told Jenny, adding, "If you think what's happened so far is insane, this is like a train that has left the station and is not stopping. And the friendships will completely shift, like, two more times."

Even though Heather Dubrow made up her own mind about her co-stars at Tamra's sushi party, it appears that the new wife didn't exactly make a great first impression. When Meghan King Edmonds invited Kelly over to her home for the demolition party, she revealed that she once tried to divorce her husband, Michael Dodd, but he refused to let her leave him.

Kelly Dodd's husband was asked to undergo a psych evaluation. And when she was asked whether she loved her husband, she avoided the question. While Dubrow wasn't present during this party, one can imagine she would have been shocked at what she heard. According to Radar Online, she's even slammed her husband. In this case, her husband was not the reason why Dubrow was skeptical of her co-star.

What do you think of Heather Dubrow's decision to forgive Kelly and try once again for a friendship? Do you think this accident could bring them closer together even though Kelly Dodd's husband may be an interesting topic for the other Real Housewives of Orange County ladies?

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