Ramona Singer A Bad Friend? Sonja Morgan’s Daughter Probably Knows How To Act Better

Ramona Singer always speaks her mind, and it sounds like it may get her into some trouble. While Singer is indeed speaking her mind, she tends to get into trouble with her friends. Bethenny Frankel may be able to tell her off when she feels that Ramona is stepping over the line, but it sounds like Sonja Morgan isn't exactly too happy with Singer these days. While they started this season of The Real Housewives of New York being friends, it sounds like Sonja isn't too happy with Ramona these days. And it could be due to the drinking accusations.

According to a new Bravo report, Ramona Singer may have been a bad friend to Sonja, who is currently ignoring Singer. The two of them have always been a great duo, but it sounds like Singer's honesty may have been too much for her. The two didn't sit next to one another at the reunion special and they barely talked to one another. Viewers are wondering if these two are feuding. While Ramona hasn't said anything, Morgan did speak out on social media.

"Was nice when Ramona Singer was pettin me like the old days #RHONY. Bethenny reminded me she is there when ur down," Morgan revealed on Twitter, remembering the good times with Singer but told fans that Bethenny Frankel was more reliable during times of need.

Of course, viewers were curious about their friendship, as Ramona Singer hasn't said anything about Morgan on her social media profiles. One person said that Ramona was not a great friend, as she kept trying to trash Sonja's reputation by calling her an alcoholic. The person reminded her that Singer keeps trashing her behind her back, including with Dorinda Medley.

"That's why I'm not talkin 2her now. She was trashin me wDorinda. Alllll the tiiiiiime They shld Chk themselves," Sonja revealed about Ramona Singer and their current relationship.

It sounds like Singer hasn't treated her friend very well and one could imagine that Morgan's own daughter probably treats her friends better. Ramona Singer has been accused of spreading rumors about her friend, revealing that her co-star drinks quite a bit and can be unreliable. Ramona and Sonja actually dated the same man, Thomas D'Agostino, before he met Luann de Lesseps, and she scooped him up. While Singer just dated him, Morgan had a physical relationship with him.


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"I don't agree with slut shaming. I think women should be able to sleep with who they want and not be judged. However, I think Bethenny's point was that Luann had not admitted to having guys because of the pirate and Harry. But... I saw Luann admitting to a change in Turks last season and then opening up a lot at my house when we were roommates," Morgan has revealed about her friendships in her Bravo blog.

"Friends are honest with each other. Lu said she never slept with the pirate and Harry, and you can never believe the guys. I hope Bethenny finds happiness with this current guy. She looks a bit smitten, and definitely Luann is head over heels or why else? Tom better fly straight and make my girl Lu happy after all she's been through," she continues, hinting that she accepts Ramona Singer for who she is and doesn't feel that she gets the same back.

What do you think of Ramona Singer's treatment of Sonja? Do you think Singer has been a bad friend to her co-star?

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