9/11 Attack On Pentagon Was An Inside Job To Cover Up Evidence Of $2.3 Trillion Missing From Defense Budget, Truthers Claim

According to 9/11 truthers, the September 10, 2001, announcement by former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld that $2.3 trillion was missing from the Pentagon's budget provides further evidence that the September 11 terror attack on the Pentagon was an inside job.

Barely 48 hours after Rumsfeld announced that $2.3 trillion was missing from the Defense Department, terrorists crashed a hijacked plane into the Pentagon, headquarters of the United States Department of Defense in Arlington County, Virginia, according to CBS News.

The attack caused a partial collapse of the western side of the building, destruction of large sections of the building's accounting offices and extensive loss of documentary evidence of the missing budget, according to Robert Crawford on Now Daily.

"We know for a fact that the day before September 11 Rumsfeld came out and told us all there was $2.3 trillion missing."
The deadly September 11 attack on the Pentagon and the North and South towers of the World Trade Center in New York, drew media and public attention away from Rumsfeld's September 10 announcement. But 15 years later, as another anniversary of the terror attacks approaches, new revelation that a further $6 trillion is missing from Pentagon's 2015 budget, has refocused attention on Rumsfeld's September 10 revelation, sparking new conspiracy theory allegations that the attack on the Pentagon was meant to cover up evidence of missing budget.

Incredible though it may seem, 9/11 conspiracy theorists are actually accusing the U.S. government of planning and launching a deadly attack on the Pentagon to destroy evidence of $2.3 trillion missing from the defense budget.

Pentagon burns on 9/11
A section of the Pentagon after American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into it on September 11, 2001 [Image via Everette Historical/Shutterstock]

How $2.3 trillion went missing from the defense budget remains a mystery 15 years later, but according to 9/11 truthers, the missing funds could be key evidence in the search for the motive for the September 11, 20o1, attack on the Pentagon, according to the U.K.'s Daily Star.

Following the September 11 attacks, billions more went into funding the so-called "War on Terror" that was declared by the administration of President George W. Bush.

Bush's "War on Terror" led to the invasion of Afghanistan to dislodge the Taliban accused of harboring al-Qaeda leaders implicated in the attacks.

New claims that emerged ahead of the 15th anniversary of the September 11 terror attacks that the Department of Defense is unable to account for more than $6 trillion has re-ignited interest in Rumsfeld's missing $2.3 trillion. According to 9/11 truthers, the missing trillions could explain why the attackers chose to crash American Airlines Flight 77 -- one of the four hijacked planes -- into the Pentagon.

According to 9/11 conspiracy theorists, it appeared that attackers deliberately targeted the western side of the building housing the accounting offices, the offices of the chief of naval operations (CNO), the Navy's special operations offices, and the tactical command center that includes highly-restricted and electronically-secure offices that oversee classified projects and intelligence gathering.

Could it be a coincidence that the crash destroyed large sections of the accounting offices, wiping out vital records needed to trace the missing trillions? Could it be a coincidence that many of the Pentagon employees who died in the attack were accountants and naval intelligence officers overseeing black projects and thus could have supplied vital information that could help to trace the missing trillions?

"We know for a fact that the day before September 11 Rumsfeld came out and told us all there was $2.3 trillion missing," according to Now Daily's Robert Crawford. "What happened the next day? Accounting offices in the Pentagon were blown up and accounting offices based in New York building in the World Trade Center were demolished."

"Accounting offices in were blown up and 125 people were killed in the Pentagon attack, many of whom were accountants."
Nearly 3,000 people were killed and more than 6,000 wounded in the September 11 attacks involving American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175, that crashed into the North and South towers of the World Trade Center in New York.

According to conspiracy theorists, there is evidence that the plotters had planned to inflict more extensive damage on the Pentagon as part of effort to destroy all evidence of missing funds. A fourth passenger airline, flying in the direction of the Pentagon, crashed into a field in Stonycreek Township near Shanksville in Pennsylvania, after passengers tried to wrest control of the aircraft from the hijackers.

The missing funds prove that trillions of dollars were being diverted to fund black projects and records were being destroyed to hide the fact, 9/11 truthers argue.

Ground Zero
Firefighters at Ground Zero on September 11, 2001 [Image via Anthony Correia/Shutterstock.com]

The Inquisitr reported last month that conspiracy theorists suggest that the missing Pentagon budget totaling about $8.5 trillion may have been diverted to fund a black project to build a Star Trek Enterprise-style star ship. Some conspiracy theorists claim that the project has been completed and that the star ship has been launched into space under a top secret government-ET space program.

"A lot of this money could be potentially funding black ops and secret space programs according to a number of whistleblowers."
"Ever since 1986 the Pentagon has not complied with budgeting law," Crawford said. "In 20 years it has not accounted for trillions of dollars in tax-payer funds… wars are probably getting piece of it but from my research a lot of this money could potentially be funding secret deep space programs."

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