Worst NBA uniforms of all time

From 1996 to 2001 the Detroit Pistons moved away from their traditional red, white, and blue uniforms to the god awful Teal, gold, and black uniforms pictured above. No uniform change in the history of the NBA was more unpopular with a team’s fans then these Teal numbers. Given the fact that the team was so bad during this period many Piston fans call the time span between 1996 and 2001 as the “Teal” era.

As a native Detroiter the day the Pistons announced their new colors was the day I stopped being a big Pistons fan. These uniforms were so terrible an the team was so awful that is was a hrad thing to watch. In the early part of the 1990’s the Pistons were the bad Boys- the guys where were rough and tumble- and the only NBA team to defeat Michael Jordan in his prime.

The only real star of the Teal era for the Pistons was Forward Grant Hill, and the team went through a lot of big money free agent wash outs including; Christian Laettner, Bison Dele, Cedric Ceballos, and Loy Vaught. These uniforms were so terrible that the first thing Joe Dumars, who had to play his final seasons in these Teal abominations, immediately switched the Pistons colors back to the red, white, and blue when he was hired as President.

In fact, Dumars went so far as to give Pistons fans new red, white, and blue Pistons hats and jerseys in exchange for them returning their awful teal ones. It seems even Dumars wanted to erase the memory of the Detroit Pistons Teal era.