Gwen Stefani Warns Miranda Lambert ‘Stay Away From My Man’ Blake Shelton

Miranda Lambert is causing some major issues between Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton.

Lambert hasn’t been able to hide her distaste for Stefani ever since Shelton started dating the No Doubt frontwoman. Now, Stefani allegedly lost it after reports surfaced that Shelton and Lambert got a little close and comfortable backstage at a concert.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Shelton forgave Lambert for everything that went down during their marriage and even agreed to meet her for a special reunion.

Shelton divorced Lambert last summer after four years of marriage. They did not have any kids together.

Lambert reportedly met Shelton at the ACM Honors a week ago. Eyewitnesses revealed that the former lovers really hit it off and looked like they were old friends during the event.

Of course, Shelton didn’t want anything romantic to happen between him and Lambert. Instead, the country crooner wanted to smooth things over with his ex-wife to create less tension in the future.

Unfortunately, Shelton’s actions had the opposite effect.

“Blake thought she’d [Gwen] be happy they’d gotten the chance to call some things water under the bridge,” an inside source shared. “Instead, though, it sent her into a panic.”

Stefani was so mad at them that she warned Lambert to “stay away from her man.”

True to her personality, Lambert didn’t sit quietly aside while Stefani openly bashed her.

“Gwen went on a rampage, and Miranda didn’t hold back either… God help them all if they come face to face anytime soon,” the source continued.

By the sounds of it, Gwen Stefani’s encounter with Lambert was quite the showdown.

How will it affect Stefani’s relationship with Shelton?

This isn’t the first time Stefani and Lambert have reportedly feuded with each other.

According to International Business Times, Lambert was ready to fight with Stefani because of her constant gushing about Shelton and how she has been portrayed by the media.

Both Lambert and Shelton have remained vague about why they divorced, though rumors of Lambert cheating have continued to surface.

“[Lambert] believes she’s been portrayed as the bad guy in her breakup with Blake and feels Gwen’s contributed to that public perception,” a source revealed. “Miranda would welcome a showdown with Gwen, to get everything in the open once and for all.”

That being said, no evidence has surfaced to substantiate the rumors of Stefani’s epic showdown with Shelton’s former wife.

In fact, Gossip Cop is reporting that these reports couldn’t be further from the truth.

A rep of Stefani even told the outlet that the rumors were completely “untrue,” and that Stefani and Lambert did not verbally attack each other.

Whether or not the feuding rumors are true remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, Australian Network News reports that the extra stress on Stefani might lead to a split with Shelton.

After all, Stefani broke up with Gavin Rossdale after she learned he had cheated on her with their children’s nanny.

If Stefani is worried about Shelton getting back with Lambert, then she might have a good reason to part ways with the country crooner.

At the same time, Shelton’s peace offering might pave the way for Stefani to make things right with Rossdale, but only if she can get over her trust issues with Shelton. Perhaps seeing Shelton make amends will Lambert will help the healing process get started.

For her part, Lambert has moved on since her split with Shelton and is currently dating Anderson East. With their relationship still going strong, it doesn’t look like Lambert wants to reunite with Shelton anytime soon.

Neither Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, nor Miranda Lambert have addressed these latest rumors concerning their complicated relationships.

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