Angie Hernandez Death: Oregon Girl, 11, Killed In Party Bus Accident [Video]

Authorities in Oregon say an 11-year-old girl was killed after she fell out the emergency window of a party bus during a birthday celebration on Saturday.

According to ABC News, Angie Hernandez, a middle school student in Portland, was with family and friends who were taking part in a Quinceanera, a Latino celebration of a girl’s 15th birthday.

Police say that, on the way to the festivities, Angie was leaning against the party bus’ emergency exit window when it gave way and threw her to her death on Saturday night when the vehicle made a turn.

Hernandez was pronounced dead at the scene.

“She was really a sweet, sweet girl, so nice. I don’t know why that happened.” Hernandez’s uncle Roberto Avelaneda told KPHO. “We were so happy for this day. We were waiting for this day for so long. We were all so excited.”

KGW News reports that the tragic accident occurred around 6:30 pm and that no criminal charges have been filed.


“Those emergency exits are designed to be secured and closed and locked,” Portland Police spokesman Robert King told the station. “One of the questions I know investigators will be asking is how it came to be open, whether it was faulty.”

Angie Hernandez’ death comes on the heels of another party bus accident that claimed the life of a teen in September. In that incident, Daniel Fernandez, 16, was on a double-decker party bus headed to a birthday party in New Jersey when he popped his head out of the vehicle’s emergency hatch, struck it on an overpass, and died.

ABC News has more on the tragic party bus accident that claimed the life of Angie Hernandez in the video below: