Kendall Jenner And Harry Styles Had Three Dates In Three Days: ‘It Looked Like They Were On A Honeymoon’

Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles have been spending a lot of time together. Witnesses of their dates say they are hugging, touching, and looking into each other’s eyes a lot. Is Harry rekindling his relationship with Kendall?

Kendall Jenner seemed thrilled to see her handsome and ambitious rock star again. A friend of Styles told US Weekly on Thursday, the two were not officially back together then. They had just reunited after months of being apart. No one knew what might happen at that point.

“They’re friends. They didn’t stop being friends. He’s spent the past seven months working really hard, so right now all he wants to do is spend time with his mates again,”

Harry Styles certainly has been working hard, and that may be why he hasn’t seen his favorite Victoria Secret Model before now. He has hardly had time to spend with anyone. Styles has not been seen by virtually anyone in months except for the Dunkirk cast and those photographers who spied on the Dunkirk filming. Another source close to Miss Jenner also spoke with Us Weekly.

“They’re not fully back on, but they did hang out and had a quasi dinner date. She was, of course, superhappy, bubbly and excited that he got back in touch with her.”

Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles were seen together at Ysabel in L.A. on Thursday, for their first date after at least seven months apart. On Friday, the two were at Mel’s Diner on Sunset Boulevard at around midnight. They got food to go. US Weekly reports a witness describing the scene.

“They got food to go. They were alone and looked relaxed and chill. I only saw them hug and he had his hand around her waist!”

Harry Styles by Stephen Lovekin r
Harry Styles [Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images]

Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles were together again at Nobu, the popular Malibu hangout on Saturday. The couple were accompanied by two bodyguards that night but didn’t seem to be letting that interfere with their steamy romantic evening. An onlooker told US Weekly about the third date in as many days.

“It looked like they were on a honeymoon because they were literally looking into each other’s eyes and talking and laughing,”

Kendall and Harry are officially on again according to what sources recently revealed to People.

“Harry has always been ‘that guy’ for Kendall. She would love to be in a real relationship with him, but he’s always had issues settling down in the past with her because he has that rock star mentality. [Harry and Kendal are] giving it another try, and she’s hopeful things will be different this time around.”

Kendal Jenner by Ari Perilstein c
Kendal Jenner [Photo by Ari Perilstein/Getty Images]

Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles have been an on-and-off item since 2013. Miss Jenner was hoping to settle down, but Mr. Styles has his eyes on a huge rock star career and he’s got a lot of acting talent. He’s very busy with his career, and this year is kind of pivotal for him. Now, though, he’s finished with his film debut in Dunkirk, and must have his album squared away enough to take on a relationship with the lovely Miss Jenner. People quoted a source close to Kendall explaining her feelings about her elusive beau.

“Kendall’s so excited and happy about it. She’s always cared about Harry. Even though she’s dated and hooked up with other guys, she could never really get serious with someone because she never got over her feelings for Harry,”


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Could Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles finally be on the same page with their relationship? Is the One Direction singer ready to settle in with the Keeping up with the Kardashians beauty as his one and only? Will she be patient with his long absences because of his work? It is really hard to tell if the famous crooner is as serious as she is, but it certainly seems that the beautiful Victoria Secret model has made up her mind.

Will Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles stay together this time?

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