Robert Pattinson Smokes Competition In Glamour Poll: Bringing Sexy Back, Again

His personal life might be a hotbed of speculation, but, as far as Glamour Magazine UK is concerned, Robert Pattinson is the sexiest man on the planet.

More than 40,000 voted, but the results are clear. For the fourth year running, the British actor wiped the floor with the competition, beating out some of the biggest names in film and television.

Pattinson beat out names such as Tom Hiddelston (Loki in Marvel’s The Avengers), Johnny Depp (Pirates of the Caribbean), Michael Fassbender (Shame, Prometheus), Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock, Hawking), Robert Downey Jr. (The Avengers, Iron Man), Taylor Lautner (Abducted, The Twilight Saga), and Ian Somerhalder (Vampire Diaries).

The list of contenders goes on, but all you really need to know is Pattinson remains undefeated, which is news that could put a smile on the Cosmopolis star’s face after enduring a tumultuous summer of revelations about girlfriend Kristen Stewart and her tryst with Snow White and The Huntsman director Rupert Sanders.

Reports — if they can be called that — that Pattinson and Stewart have reconciled their differences and resumed their relationship continue to swirl as do competing accusations that the rumors are all part of an elaborate publicity stunt designed to boost buzz for the upcoming The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2.

But if all that “are they or are they” malarkey hurts your head, focus on this thought: Pattinson won the day at Glamour magazine and in 43 days he’ll do it again at the L.A. premiere of Breaking Dawn — Part 2 on November 12, and again at the London premiere on November 14.

It’s been said before but it bears repeating: Robert Pattinson in a suit. Never. Gets. Old.

Top 20 of Glamour’s Sexiest Men for 2012 (Last year’s position in brackets)

1. Robert Pattinson (1)

2. Tom Hiddleston (new entry)

3. Johnny Depp (3)

4. Michael Fassbender (31)

5. Benedict Cumberbatch (33)

6. Robert Downey Jr (re-entry)

7. Taylor Lautner (2)

8. Paul Wesley (59)

9. James McAvoy (14)

10. Henry Cavill (15)

11. Cory Monteith (29)

12. Ian Somerhalder (25)

13. Ed Westwick (21)

14. Alexander Skarsgard (7)

15. Joe Manganiello (41)

16. Danny O’Donoghue (new entry)

17. Ryan Gosling (46)

18. Christian Bale (re-entry)

19. Chris Hemsworth (37)

20. Tom Hardy (47)