Cleveland Browns: Rachel Bush, Girlfriend Of Browns Safety, Gets Into Twitter War With Diehard Eagles Fan

Disclaimer: The following post contains language, tweets, and a video that is NSFW. The opinions expressed in this article by the people mentioned do not reflect the views of the Inquisitr, nor do they reflect the opinions of the writer.

The good news if you're a fan of the Cleveland Browns is that starting this weekend, the NFL season returns, and you'll have a chance to hit the Dawg Pound. The bad news if you're a fan of the Cleveland Browns is that things are likely to be the same as they've seemingly always been.

Already, many NFL experts have pegged the Browns to finish in either third or fourth place in the AFC North, but not all hope is lost in Cleveland just yet. As the Browns go for their first winning season since 2007, new coach Hue Jackson is already preparing the team for what hopes to be a 1-0 start against rookie Carson Wentz and the Philadelphia Eagles.

If there's one thing we've already seen Jackson install in the Browns, it's confidence. Free safety Jordan Poyer, a seventh-round pick of the Eagles in 2013, discussed the game plan against his former team on Wednesday and said the following (via the Akron Beacon Journal and

"He can run. We know he's got the rib issues, so we hope he does run. If he does, we've got to make him pay for it... Carson Wentz does have the most respect in our defensive room and that's how we're preparing."
All-Pro cornerback Joe Haden, who played in just five games in 2015 thanks to injury, also chimed in on the team's strategy for Sunday.
"We have to be aware of [Wentz's ability to run]. He's definitely capable. He's a big dude. He can take hits. When he does run with that ball, you've got to make him feel it. A quarterback scrambling, it's a different league. You've got to make sure you put punishment on him and make sure they feel you when they do run."
Jordan Poyer
[Photo by Gene J. Puskar/AP Images]

It's a smart game plan, though some may -- and likely will -- take issue with Poyer being so public about wanting to "make Wentz pay" with his rib issues. Most people, however, will just chalk it up to a player being confident when his team is still 0-0 and being vocal about the faith he has in his defense.

However, not all people will take it that way. Enter Bryant Moreland, a diehard Philadelphia Eagles fan who goes by the internet name of EDP445 and has been making videos about his beloved Eagles for over five years now. From interviews with the Philadelphia Magazine to appearances on ESPN, Moreland has seemingly become the face of a franchise that is in a state of rebuilding thanks to a love of vulgarity and the ability to say whatever is on his mind.

When EDP heard the Poyer comments, the YouTube star did what he does best: take shots in a tweet, get some laughs, and finish with a hashtag at the end.

Whether because EDP did not know that Poyer had a Twitter account or had some other type of reasoning, the Browns safety was not directly mentioned in the tweet. Still, such behavior is to be expected from EDP, who has gained nearly 90,000 subscribers on YouTube with a great sense of humor, fantastic commentary on the Eagles, and his love of being honest.

However, someone potentially more dangerous and intimidating than Poyer saw the tweet: Jordan's girlfriend, Rachel Bush. A model from New York who attended Florida Atlantic University, Bush has been dating Poyer for months, and the two seem to have a happy relationship that has seen them recently adopt a dog.

When she saw EDP come at her man, though, Rachel made it clear she was going to defend Jordan to the grave.

[Via @Rachel__Bush]
[Via @Rachel__Bush]

EDP, not one to take hate and brush it off without a response, immediately shot back at the model in a series of vulgar tweets where he defended his fandom and insulted Bush's skinny frame.

After that, to be blunt, things got nasty. EDP, in a YouTube video released Wednesday night (major NSFW warning), took it to both Poyer -- mocking him for nearly being Mr. Irrelevant in the 2013 NFL Draft -- and Bush, whose weight he again commented upon (calling her too skinny) and referring to her as a "b***h."

[Image via EDP445/YouTube]

EDP also made a curious tweet where he threatened to "clap back" on Rachel "crip-style."

Although this turned nasty, props should be pointed to Bush for brushing off the comments about her appearance and EDP's continued attempts at war. While EDP did have a right to defend himself when Rachel responded, the comments made in the video and on Twitter were a bit much, especially from someone who himself is trying to change his appearance. EDP recently had a GoFundMe page made where fans could donate to him so he could get a gym membership.

Hopefully, this will be the last time these two popular internet personalities fight and, with EDP going to the Eagles game on Sunday, maybe the two can reconcile. Let's just hope that Lincoln Financial Field security doesn't have to get involved if the two run into one another at the concession stand.

Twitter: Where female models and die-hard Eagles fans attack. If you needed any more proof that the NFL season was upon us, look no further than Bush v. Moreland.

[Image via Rachel Bush/Instagram]