Oracle Signs Nokia Map Deal, Will Focus On Enterprise Customers

Oracle on Sunday finalized a new partnership with Nokia that will give the software/hardware manufacturer access to Nokia’s map data and location services.

The deal was confirmed by The Wall Street Journal and is expected to be officially announced on Monday, just in time for the OracleWorld conference in San Francisco.

Through the deal Oracle will gain easy access to strong mapping data which will allow it to better support location based needs for enterprise clients.

Because Oracle consists of a large enterprise base Nokia sees the partnership as a way to extend its brand further into the business sector, a needed sales area as the company’s mobile phone and smartphones businesses continue to bleed market share to iOS and Android based devices.

Since acquiring mapping firm Navteq in 2008 Nokia has placed more emphasis on its burgeoning maps business which are typically highly rated by users. After merging its maps business in its services business last year Nokia claimed $1.2 billion in gross sales.

With the release of Apple Maps on September 19, Apple proved just how hard it can be to competently entire the maps space, my forming a partnership with Nokia developers at Oracle can reap all of the benefits found via Nokia Maps without spending thousands of hours building their own competitive platform that would then need to be maintained.

How Oracle plans to implement Nokia mapping technology into its products has yet to be seen.

Do you think an Oracle and Nokia partnership will benefit both company’s in a positive way?