Danny Bonaduce Gets Face Bitten By Crazed Fan

TACOMA, WASHINGTON- It certainly has been awhile since former child television star, Danny Bonaduce has made the news. Of course, I’m sure this is not exactly how he would have wanted to make his tabloid comeback. Bonaduce says that a crazed fan bit him on the face during an even at a Washington State casino.

According to TODAY, the fomer The Partridge Family actor told The News Tribune of Tacoma that the crazed woman asked Bonaduce if it was ok if she gave him a kiss on the cheek.

When he agreed to her kiss, the woman leaned in and sank her teeth into Bonaduce’s cheek. The crazed fan bit his cheek for about a minute until others were able to pull her off.

Bonaduce, who now works as a Seattle radio DJ, says that the woman had been taken into custody on Friday, but being the forgiving man that he is, Bonaduce does not plan on pressing any charges against the woman.

A bright red mark remained on his cheek a day later, when he said what he was thinking during the attack.

Bath salts,” he said, referencing a designer drug that may have been linked to a series of recent bizarre attacks in which most of the victims have bitten or had their body parts eaten off by the attacker. These attacks have happened in Florida, Virigina, Pennsylvania, and Louisiana

To make sure that he was not at risk of any infection, Bonaduce’s wife stated that he was treated with antibiotics after the incident.