Naked Doncaster Woman: Mystery Surrounds Viral Photo Of Nude Woman Walking Streets Of English City

A photo of a naked woman walking the streets of Doncaster has gone viral, as the English town is gaining international news coverage for the bizarre incident.

The picture of the nude blonde first appeared on Facebook, where a user posted the picture along with the caption, “Beautiful day for a stroll down chequer road.”

The woman was spotted near two churches and the Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery, the Sun reported.

The photo was taken in broad daylight, and it quickly went viral. Many other Doncaster residents reported seeing the naked woman as well, who apparently took quite a long stroll.

“We saw her walking towards the police station, it’s a wonder no cars crashed!” another person commented on Facebook (via the Metro).

The witness added a bit more mystery to the tale of the Doncaster naked woman, writing that she was not alone in her walk through the streets.

“There was a man with her with a coat. It looked like he was saying to her put it on – she was talking to him and shaking her head. I thought she was going to the police station as some sort of protest.”

The photo of the naked woman walking the streets of Doncaster came just months after another viral picture of risque public behavior in Doncaster. Back in May, a fisherman took a video of a couple having sex in a grassy area, with the woman smoking a cigarette during the clip.

“Me and a pal were cycling across the top of a disused railway bridge,” the fisherman told the Sun. “It goes up to a dead end and the couple were there at the bottom in a grassy area. They were both fully undressed and taking their time over everything — they could have been there for hours. They didn’t have a care in the world.”

The footage was shared thousands of times, the Sun noted, and had a similar reaction to the recent picture of the naked woman walking the streets.

“Only in Doncaster,” many people responded, both to the video from May and the picture going viral this week.

But the fisherman who took the video also said he was outraged that the couple would do this so close to public areas, including Doncaster College. The man noted that he sometimes takes his 5-year-old daughter with him when he goes fishing, but she didn’t tag along on this day.

The video led the South Yorkshire Police to announce that they were planning to crack down on public acts of indecency in Doncaster, which has been a big problem in the British town. In the last six years, police have fielded 48 calls for public indecency, the Sun noted.

Another one of those incidents took place back in April when someone photographed a woman being groped outside a taxi office in Doncaster.

“The photo, shared on the Doncaster Uncovered Facebook group, shows a dark-haired woman in jeans being fondled from outside the Alpha Cabs taxi office in Prince’s Street in Doncaster town centre,” the Doncaster Free Press reported. “A dark-haired man in a white jacket and jeans can be seen with his hands down her trousers while her bottom is exposed.”

The story of the naked Doncaster woman went viral this week, with many news outlets sharing censored versions of the picture. It also prompted many local residents to do a bit of detective work, trying to figure out exactly who is the blonde tattooed woman brazenly walking the town with no clothes on.

But to date, no one has figured out the identity of the woman seen walking naked in the streets of Doncaster.

[Photo by Frank Augstein/AP Images]