Johnny Lewis’ Dad Tried To Use Scientology To Save His Son, Church Took Him Off Psychiatric Medication

Michael Lewis, the father of deceased Sons Of Anarchy actor Johnny Lewis tried to use several Scientology treatment centers to cure his son of his mental disease and drug problems.

A close family friends of the Lewis’ spoke with TMZ and revealed that the family tried a few different Scientology approved treatment centers but they yielded absolutely no results.

As it turns out Lewis’ father is actually a high level Scientologist who was once a close friend to church creator L. Ron Hubbard.

As a last resort the actors father sent him to a treatment center in Altadena, California known as the Ridgeview Ranch. According to the ranch it is used for the “treatment of mental heath and/or drugs and alcohol.”

Michael Lewis says the treatment at Ridgeview appeared to be working and he believed his son would be leveled out. Michael admits that the Ridgeview regime was against psychiatric medication which led to an “alternative approach.”

After only a short period of time at Ridgeview the troubled actor decided to leave and serve out the rest of his jail sentence.

According to EOnline Johnny Lewis was “A supposed darling of the church” who was “used in the cinema unit for their training films.” The celebrity site further reports that Lewis “starred in one particular film that almost everyone watches to progress.”

Released from prison on September 21, Johnny would snap a few days later, killing his 81-year-old landlady before committing suicide.

The Johnny Lewis murder-suicide is still under investigation as police wait for a full toxicology report to be returned.

Do you think that by taking Johnny Lewis off his medications the Church of Scientology played a part in his decreased mental state?