Xbox Live Rewards Program Wants Gamers To Play More For Special Perks

Gamerscore has been a great way for Xbox 360 players to show off their skills and now Microsoft’s Xbox Live Rewards program will use the Gamerscores system to hand out special perks for higher scores.

The new rewards program is split into the following three tiers: Contender, Champion and Legend.

According to Microsoft rewards gamers will be given a “special gift” if their Gamerscore falls between 3,000 and 9,999. That gift which is valued at a whopping $0.25 (likely an Avatar item) will be handed over to the Xbox Live Rewards customer during their birthday month.

Gamers with a score between 10,000 and 24,999 will be classified as a “Champion-level” gamer and will receive a 1% rebate on their Xbox Live Marketplace purchases every month.

The final tier which comes with a Gamerscores of 25,000 or higher will give Xbox users the status of “Legend.” With the top level status gamers receive the previously mentioned 1% rebate with another 1% thrown in for good measure.

To qualify for the Xbox Live Rewards program you have to be a gold member.

Xbox 360 users can sign up for the Xbox Live Rewards program and start earning rewards immediately.

While the Live Rewards program may not provide deep discounts for gamers in many cases the rebates will start applying to users who have already achieved high Gamerscore levels because of their fanatical Xbox 360 loyalty and long hours playing their favorite Microsoft Xbox 360 games.

Do you think the Xbox Live Rewards program is a good way to incentives Xbox 360 gamers to play with their consoles more regularly?