Microsoft Retail Stores Launch In New York, New Hampshire And Delaware

Take that Apple! Microsoft on Friday opened two new retail locations in New York and followed up those launches with new stores in New Hampshire and Delaware.

The software/hardware manufacturer has been rapidly opening new locations while poaching Apple employees to help manage the new retail offerings. Much like Apple stores the new Microsoft locations feature Windows computers, Microsoft hardware and various software platform demonstrations.

With the new stores Microsoft is now controlling more than 45 retail locations around the world with plenty more stores planned well into the future.

During each store launch Microsoft reportedly gave away dozens of prizes that includes a brand new Samsung Series 9 laptop, Xbox 360, and other items that led to cheering crowds of Microsoft supporters.

While Microsoft plans to open permanent stories in Puerto Rico and Canada the software/hardware firm also plans to begin launching “pop up stores” that will show up just before the holiday shopping season and then disappear at the end of the year.

Microsoft’s “pop up”stores are expected to start showing up in October, just in time for Microsoft to release its upcoming Windows 8 OS to the masses.

When asked if the Long Island’s Huntington Station store located in the Walt Whitman Mall was chosen because of it’s proximity to a nearby Apple store a Microsoft spokesman said:

“It’s not a competitive tactic. We pick locations based on what’s available in a mall that has the square footage we need. Obviously, where we are located tends to be places where there are tech competitors and other high-tech products.”

Do you think Microsoft can grab the same type of attention Apple Stores have garnered?