Hurricane Danny projected path includes New York, New Jersey

Tropical storm Danny, likely to be Hurricane Danny by the weekend is heading up the East Coast and has New York and New Jersey in its path.

According to the latest Hurricane Danny projected path graphic released by NOAA, the storm will cross land over Nova Scotia, but not before skirting the East Coast in close proximity to Long Island. Coastal North Carolina is already on “tropical storm watch” for Friday as the storm passes.

New York and New Jersey have a projected 20-30% chance of being hit with “tropical storm force winds”, with the Eastern tip of Long Island, and the East Coasts of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire reaching into a 40% probability.

Inland areas including Vermont, Maine, and Eastern parts of New York state and Pennsylvania have between a 5-20% chance of being affected by Tropical Storm/ Hurricane Danny. Tropical storm winds are defined by NOAA as greater than 39 mph.