Father Of ‘Cannibal Frat Boy Killer’ Speaks Out On ‘Dr. Phil,’ Was Austin Harrouff On Flakka?

Dr. Wade Harrouff, father of Austin Harrouff, dubbed the “Cannibal Frat Boy Killer,” will be on Dr. Phil tomorrow to discuss the nightmare of being the father of someone who has committed such horrific crimes. Austin Harrouff is accused of attacking John Stevens and his wife, Michelle Mishcon, who were on their own property at the time of the attack. Harrouff then allegedly stabbed both parties, killing them, and then ate part of Stevens’ face and abdomen. Dr. Wade Harrouff tells Dr. Phil through tears that his son had been suffering from mental illness, but what of the reports that Austin Harrouff was using the disorienting drug Flakka?

This season, Dr. Phil has scored many top interviews, including the first interview with Burke Ramsey, the older brother of murder victim JonBenet Ramsey, according to the Inquisitr. Dr. Phil reportedly scored the first interview ever with Burke Ramsey because the Ramsey family and Dr. Phil share the same lawyer who has taken on the tabloids after false stories were printed about their respective families.

Daily Mail says that Dr. Wade Harrouff, father of the Cannibal Frat Boy Killer says he is living a nightmare, and regrets letting his son leave the restaurant the night of the attack on Stevens and Mishcon. Dr. Wade Harrouff says that he is unaware of drug use, but knows that his son guzzled vegetable oil before stabbing and attempting to eat Stevens at the Stevens-Mishcon home.


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Dr. Wade Harrouff reportedly told Dr. Phil that Austin was eating dinner with him at Duffy’s restaurant in Jupiter, Florida, when he got angry and stormed off. A spokesman for The Dr. Phil Show says that then, Austin showed up at his mother’s house where he attempted to guzzle vegetable oil, and his mother made him mix it with shredded cheese before he left her house, behaving erratically. Austin’s mother, Mina, called 911 at that point, saying that her son claimed to have superpowers.

It is thought that then Austin Harrouff returned to Duffy’s where he then left again, walking to his father’s house. Per the supposed timeline, Dr. Wade Harrouff believes that that was when the young man, now known as the Cannibal Frat Boy Killer, attacked his victims as they watched television in their open-air garage.

On the set of The Dr. Phil Show, Dr. Wade Harrouff fought back tears as he explained that if his son had been in his right mind, he would have never hurt anyone.

“I’m deeply sorry for what my son did to those people. And I’ll apologize for him, because my own son would have never done that… He’s such a good person. He would never knowingly do something like that. I’m truly sorry to those people.”

Police believe that Austin Harrouff, aka the Cannibal Frat Boy Killer, was on Flakka at the time of the attack, and after trying to eat his victim’s face, he drank caustic chemicals in the garage, which have put him in the hospital.

The Daily Mail says that the chemicals put Austin Harrouff into a coma, but he is now out, and will be questioned by police soon, coinciding with Dr. Wade Harrouff’s appearance on The Dr. Phil Show. Harrouff, now being known as the Cannibal Frat Boy Killer was in a coma for 11 days after allegedly murdering a couple, and trying to eat his male victim.

A spokesman for the the Florida Sheriff’s Department told the press that Harrouff was awake.

“He is awake and responsive.”

Austin Harrouff is under armed guard at a Palm Beach hospital, awaiting a time when he can be questioned. The son of John Stevens says that he wants prosecutors to seek the death penalty for the murders. For now, the plan is to charge Harrouff with two counts of first degree murder and one of first degree attempted murder as soon as he is well enough.

Do you think Austin Harrouff will plead insanity?

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