‘Godzilla Resurgence’ AKA ‘Shin Godzilla’ USA Tickets Go On Sale This Week

A promotional display for Godzilla in Japan. [Photo via Toho Studios Japan]

Godzilla Resurgence, also known as Shin Godzilla, will have tickets for its October USA release go on sale this week. Starting on Friday, September 9, tickets will become available for pre-order online at the website for Funimation, the company distributing the film in the United States. The movie will be released in a small amount of U.S. theaters the week of October 11.

In a press release from Funimation, they describe the one week in October as a “limited engagement” that will reach around “440 theaters across the U.S. and Canada.” An additional two premiere dates will be held on the coasts. “In advance of the movie’s opening, Funimation will be hosting two premieres of Shin Godzilla – on October 3 in Los Angeles and on October 5 in New York before opening day of New York Comic Con 2016. ”

Unsurprisingly, Funimation is very happy to be carrying the U.S. release of Shin Godzilla. Gen Fukunaga, CEO and President of Funimation, says in the press release that they are “thrilled to bring Shin Godzilla to theaters across North America this October.” He gives credit to Toho Studios, the Japanese company that created the monster, known the world over for more than 60 years.

“Toho established Godzilla as one of the most iconic monsters in science fiction history and we’re honored to now be a part of that history with the theatrical release of this new movie. Fans will not want to miss this limited theatrical event.”

This poster collage, created to promote the Japanese release of the movie, showcases the huge number of films produced in the series. [Image via Toho Studios Japan]
Not all are as pleased. Film critic and writer Evan Saathoff, writing in Birth Movies Death, is disappointed by the limited amount of theaters showing the film, and the release window of about only seven days.

“It hits October 11. It leaves October 18. It’s like a Godzilla lightning sale… I hope everyone who wants to see this movie gets that chance. Godzilla is always best on the big screen, and this has the added benefit of being subtitled instead of dubbed. But for many of us, however, it sounds like the real announcement of importance will be when we find out its home video release date.”

Possibly to avoid confusion with this summer’s Independence Day: Resurgence, the American title of the film has been officially changed from Godzilla Resurgence to Shin Godzilla for all promotions and branding here in the US. It is a mixed language title, with “Shin” being a rough phonetic translation of a word to signify “new.” So, essentially, the filmmakers wanted to let Japan and the world know that this was a “New Godzilla.”

Shin Godzilla was released in Japan on July 29, and quickly became a big success in the country. The first Japanese-made Godzilla movie in over a decade, the film has been warmly embraced by its home country. According to the Asian pop culture news site Crunchyroll, it is already on track to be a record-breaker at the box office there. It has “earned a massive 6,017,239,800 yen (about 58.25 million US dollars)…It has already become the top-grossing live-action film of 2016 in Japan so far,” and could ultimately end up as the all-around best performing film in Japan for all of 2016.

While the limited release and marketing here in the United States are aimed at a more niche audience, it is likely to also perform very well among that select crowd. On Friday, September 9, when tickets for the Shin Godzilla USA release go on sale, fans should be ready to pounce. Mike DuBoise, Executive VP and COO of Funimation, suspects tickets will go quickly.

“Movie audiences can look forward to a great time watching Shin Godzilla this October… A larger than life monster like Godzilla has to be experienced on the big screen. And we expect this movie to sell out in numerous theaters so we encourage fans to purchase tickets in advance.”

Get ready G-fans. Your chance is coming very soon.

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[Image via Toho Studios Japan]