Puppy Rescued After Being Buried Alive In 6-Inch Grave

Williston, Florida police rescued a newborn puppy from a shallow grave yesterday afternoon.

According to TODAY, the police were destroying evidence in a wooded area under a court order, when they found the small pup buried 6-inches underground.

“They heard a whimpering sound, like a crying animal behind them,” Williston Police Chief Dennis Strow said. “They went to explore it and figured out it was coming from below.”

The young male puppy, who is still young enough to where it can’t even open it’s eyes, was found buried headfirst in the shallow grave. Whoever buried the puppy did not pack down the dirt, since he was able to create a small air pocket to breathe below the surface, said Strow.

“It did not appear to me that the dog was very long in the hole,” Strow said. “Less than an hour would be my guess.”

The young pup was immediately rushed to Levy Animal Clinic, where he was given the name Tucker and has been recieving the upmost care since being found.

“He is only around 7-days-old based on the fact that his eyes are not open yet,” the clinic told TODAY.com.


Tucker will be getting a new home soon as well, a veteranarian technician who works at Levy Animal Clinic adopted Tucker shortly after arriving at the clinic.

“I went by and looked at him this morning and he’s doing very well,” Strow told TODAY.com. “He’ll get a second chance at a real life in a loving home.”

Williston police are still looking for the one who buried little Tucker.

“What’s disturbing,” he added, “Is that when you look at this fellow you ask, how can he be threatening to anyone?”