Justin Bieber Vomits On Stage During Arizona Concert [Video]

Milk was a bad choice. Justin Bieber got sick on stage last night while performing a concert in Arizona.

The pop singer blamed the incident on drinking too much milk before heading out on stage to perform songs from his new album Believe. Last night was the first show of the singer’s long awaited Believe Tour and Bieber said that he was a little nervous before taking the stage.

And everyone knows, butterflies and milk just don’t mix.

According to Pop Crush, Bieber was in the middle of his song Out Of Town Girl when he stopped singing and bent over on stage. The audience was a little confused at first because the vocals were still sounding through the speakers. It was clear that something was wrong, however, when Justin Bieber threw up and ran off the stage.

The Biebs posted a photo of himself getting some rest on Twitter, assuring fans that he’d be better by his next show.

Bieber wrote:

“Great show. Getting better for tomorrow’s show!!!! Love u. And…. Milk was a bad choice! Lol”

Pop Crush reports that despite the incident Bieber returned to the stage to finish the concert. When he walked back out he said: “Will you love me even tough I’m throwing up on stage?”

Here’s the video of the incident. (Don’t watch if you don’t want to see Justin Bieber throwing up.)