Sonja Morgan Doesn’t Believe Berkshires Trip Was Set Up: ‘I Have My Own Opinions’

Mary Jane

Sonja Morgan has said that this season of The Real Housewives of New York was a rough one for her. Not only was her long-time relationship with Thomas D'Agostino ruined when Luann de Lesseps started dating him, but she also learned that her co-stars didn't want to be around her because they felt that she was drinking too much.

Morgan felt that some of the comments were a bit uncalled for, as they also drink. Bethenny Frankel has her own liquor company, while Ramona Singer is known for carrying around her own line of wine. While some Real Housewives of New York fans felt that Sonja was set up, Morgan reveals that she has own her perspective on things as she filmed the show with the ladies.

According to a new tweet, Sonja Morgan is now revealing that fans may be making the wrong assumptions about the show, as they haven't seen everything she has gone through. While fans have seen Dorinda Medley's decision to not invite Morgan to her Berkshires home, Sonja is convinced that there may be other reasons why she was left out.

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"It's funny that Sonja comes off airheaded sometimes but then you realize oh ok she's actually hella smart? #RHONY #MyFavorite," one person wrote to Sonja on Twitter after watching the reunion special last week, to which Morgan revealed, "I like to have a good time & be silly. But I don't like being taken for granted kindness doesn't = stupid #RHONY."

On the reunion special, fans learned that Medley stood by her decision to leave Sonja out of the trip to the Berkshires because she didn't want more drama. Medley was convinced that Sonja would cause some trouble with the ladies and make the drama about her since she had been drinking quite a bit over the summer before filming started. And fans saw the lack of an invitation as orders from Bethenny Frankel, who clearly had a business-related issue with Morgan.

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"Dorinda not inviting you to Berkshires was Bethenny's orders! Attack on Lou was planned,& you would have been in the way! #RHONY," one of Sonja's fans revealed to her on Twitter, to which Sonja Morgan surprisingly defended Bethenny, writing, "No1 gets in Bethenny's way Puhleese! I wld have been there to b me. I have my own opinions & way I c things #RHONY."

Since The Real Housewives of New York wrapped, Sonja and Frankel have worked out their issues. Morgan revealed that she didn't want to lose their friendship over a business decision, where she decided to launch a Prosecco line called Tipsy Girl, which Bethenny clearly saw a cheater brand. But while Sonja Morgan and Bethenny clearly worked out their issues, it sounds like Dorinda and Morgan have a long way to go. After the reunion special, Dorinda revealed that she was shocked that Sonja was still upset about being left out.

— BravoWatch (@WatchBravo) September 2, 2016

"I was blindsided to hear she was STILL so angry about not coming up to Blue Stone Manor for our one night in the Berkshires… STILL. I've said it before: I stand by that decision. It wasn't because of anyone else — it was because I didn't want her to be decimated, because I knew a LOT of people had a LOT of issues with her, and I simply wasn't in the mood to referee or take a hit for anyone. And I knew no one else would either," Dorinda revealed on her Bravo blog for The Real Housewives of New York.

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What do you think of Sonja Morgan defending Bethenny? Are you surprised that Sonja and Dorinda are no longer friends?

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