JS-Kit Echo commenting platform updated

Third party comment platform provider JS-Kit (we use it here at The Inquisitr) has shipped a new version of the service. Among the new stuff is the ability to use your Friendfeed information as a login as well as having your comment automatically posted to Friendfeed.

In a post to the company’s blog Chris Saad outlines the new stuff as well as fixes and improvements for the platform. One of the other new options is the Comments in a Pop-up which will let you pop out the comments on a post and follow along with any real-time conversation for the comment.

Other updates from the last month

Bugfix - Ban manager is not showing Banned users in the Ban listPolish - Yahoo and OpenID login windows made smaller/neaterBugfix - Improve the JS-Kit logo with Transparent PNGFeature - Added “Via Tag” on ItemsFeature - Event supplier: JS class for delivering real-time events from serverFeature - Mini Profile on hover over of avatars or usernamesFeature - “From” field for the new “Leave a comment” formFeature - Inline/Popup commentsFeature - Paypal integration for pricing page/install workflowBugfix - Blogger sync improved to install stalling if it encounters a comment with too many charactersBugfix - Support for Wordpress’ inconsistent data in post’s GUID attributePolish - Temporary warning and route to support for Wordpress blogs with large comment databasesBugfix - Tool for draining RabbitMQ backup queues for suspended comment syncsBugfix - OAuth-based sync can fail by network/timeout errorBugfix - Step 2 of Blogger Install Wizard cannot display more than 25 blogsBugfix - Blogger wizard doesn’t normalize site namesFeature - Ability for users to login and publish to FriendFeedBugfix - Blogger import does not set correct account settings for the siteSite Change - Site Changes for Echo Public LaunchPolish - Admin dashboard updates to support payment workflowBugfix - Yaws is not restarted on crashesBugfix - Can only open main profile 1-3 times in IE6/7Polish - Update JS-Kit favicon in the From fieldPolish - Update text message shown to user when registration is required to reflect latest user experienceFeature - Allow admin users to turn login options on and offBugfix - TinyMCE works incorrect under certain page layout/div configurationsPolish - Support for WhiteLabel on the Echo skinBugfix - EPB ‘owner’ permission incorrectly behaves like a site moderatorBugfix - There are no comment URLs in the moderation sectionBugfix - Temporarily override avatars=”false” until Gravatar support is improvedBugfix - IE 6/7 users are not able to comment on the Comment FormFeature - New Admin Panel Message – Echo Release NotificationBugfix - Comments/Echo is rendering in German in the latest FFBugfix - Under certain conditions, comment data seems to repeatBugfix - Under some conditions, comment count incorrectly returns 0Feature - New version of EPBPolish - Improved help text on admin dashboard for user blocking/banningFeature - Make “Echo” the new default template for all new usersFeature - Added a white Background to the Echo StreamBugfix - Under some conditions, moderation commands from the admin dashboard were not committingFeature - Echo event counter to update with event updates (real-time counter)Feature - Moved action scripts for comments widget to erlang (internal changes)Feature - Comments – Follow and Add images panelBugfix - Possible vulnerability in our sites management (no we wont tell you what it was hah)Bugfix - In some cases when there is more than one JS-Kit widget on a page, we return incorrect permission informationTask - Merge From/To, Miniprofile and Follow panel into Production/EchoBugfix - Prevent automatic reply loop in reply-by-mailBugfix - Authentication form layout issuesFeature - Update OAuth client to support spec v.1.0aBugfix - Blogger gadget display glitches in IE associated with the Blogger login eventFeature - “To” field for the new “Leave a comment” formBugfix - Current EPB implementation ignores wrong “mac” valueBugfix - Ratings. Server error if rating’s path attribute has a percent signBugfix - Unable to cancel authorization promptBugfix - Advisor – JSKitLib usage refactoringBugfix - In some cases, EPB information is lost by polls widgetBugfix - In some cases, Domain attribute dosen’t work correctly for ratings widgetBugfix - Subsection Moderation is not supported if the section is defined by Uniq rather than PathBugfix - Login process does not complete in Safari 3-4Bugfix - Repeated Wordpress imports result in duplicate sync_peer_X fieldsBugfix - Invalid error message when trying to upload a non existing image file – Reports ‘File too large’ rather than ‘File not found’Bugfix - Glitch adding new comment with profile open.Feature - Automatic yaws restartsBugfix - Poll not working on GeoCities