‘Pawn Stars’ Update: Filming Is Starting Soon, Will Chumlee Be On The Show? How Can You Get On The Show?

It’s time for Pawn Stars to begin filming in Las Vegas soon. How can you get on the popular History Channel show? Will Chumlee be back on the show? How can you see the stars of the show in person? Get the scoop before you travel to las Vegas.


Since his spring arrest and plea deal, fans have been wondering if the always charismatic Chumlee will return. Well, folks, it sure sounds like it! History Channel did not make any announcements during his difficult ordeal, and it appears that everything is staying with the status quo on the popular reality show. And of course, the Harrisons have been a dedicated support system to Chumlee. Patriarch Rick Harrison had proclaimed via an email sent to a local television station that he would do “anything he could” to help out his son’s childhood friend. In addition, Chumlee, who is always responding to fans on his Twitter feed, posted that they were off during the summer and back in September.


Since the plea deal, Austin Lee Russell (Chumlee) has spent the entire summer promoting the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop. Chum has come into the pawn shop every afternoon to sign autographs and take pictures with the loyal fans of Pawn Stars. He has been instrumental in raising money for a variety of charities that the pawn shop has designated. He has had lunch with fans on Friday that had donated $100 to charity on the Thursday before. Most of all, on Twitter, Chumlee has always responded to fans who ask if he is going to be at the pawn shop and if the show is currently filming. How cool is that?

Chumlee also retweets photos of fans happily posing with him at the pawn shop. As he recently revealed, Chumlee’s brother is always the photographer. The most common comment under the fan photo tweets is how nice Chumlee is with fans. His affable personality and his big smile have endeared him to fans.


So, what if you want to see other members of the show? The popular Las Vegas travel website, Vegas, reports that Pawn Stars films between 6 a.m. and 5 p.m. during weekdays. Occasionally, the three generations of Harrisons, Rick, Corey and the “old man,” along with Corey’s childhood friend Chumlee, will pop out and say hello and perhaps even sign an autograph or pose for a photograph. The site also mentions that the cast will also participate in other promotional meet and greets at other Vegas venues.


Fans of Rick Harrison have another way to meet the patriarch. Right next door to the pawn shop is Pawn Plaza. On select weekends, Harrison plays bartender at his BBQ restaurant, Rollin’ Smoke Tavern. The Las Vegas Review Journal mentions that Rick has limited ability, and he can only craft drinks that are named after the ingredients, such as gin and tonic or vodka sour. You get the picture.

“I bartend every Friday and Saturday from 8 until… until I get tired. I’m old. I’m the world’s worst bartender. When I bartend, I serve beer and drinks where the name of the drink is the ingredients of the drink, like Jack and Coke, gin and tonic. Nothing fancy.”


The best way to meet the Pawn Stars cast is to sell something. The best part of this deal is that you do not have to wait in line to pawn anything. You get to go right to the front of the line!

Did you uncover your late great uncle’s collection of Civil War memorabilia? Perhaps your mom met Ginger Rogers at an event and has an autographed program. Maybe you won an auction and are now a proud owner of an autographed Mickey Mantle baseball?

Send the show an email and attach photos of the object. If you have a story of how you got the treasure and any sort of authentication you may have obtained will make the item more valuable to the paw shop. Anyone who has seen the show knows that a guitar that was used on a popular song or played on a tour of a well-known band will sell for more money than a signed, unplayed guitar. Viewers of Pawn Stars also know that a photo of the celebrity signing the object or using the object will add more to the story and again, make the item more valuable.

By the way, items cannot be sent. The owner of the object must be able to go to the Las Vegas shop to pawn their valuable. Once you get confirmation of an appointment time, practice your bartering skills and get ready for your fifteen minutes of Pawn Stars fame.

Have you ever gone to the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas? Have you ever met any of the cast members of Pawn Stars?

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]