Aliens In UFOs Conducted Multiple Late Night Reconnaissance Flights Over Arizona, Witness Claims [Video]

A witness in Arizona has reported sighting and filming orb-shaped bright light UFOs that conducted multiple low altitude flights over the city of Chandler in Maricopa County, during a three-hour period on the night of August 19-20, 2016.

The unnamed witness, in a report filed with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) as Case 78571, expressed conviction that crafts of extraterrestrial origin may have conducted five separate reconnaissance flights over Chandler on the night of August 19 and in the early hours of August 20.

He believed that the crafts may have been alien UFOs because they were unlike anything he had ever seen.

He recorded and submitted to MUFON three separate video clips showing strange UFO activity over the city of Chandler, Open Minds TV reports.

The first sighting occurred at about 9:15 p.m. PST, northeast of the city. He was in the company of friends when the sighting that lasted about seven minutes occurred. He and his friends watched as a UFO with a very bright light hovered in the night sky.

Two smaller UFOs with lights appeared below the first moments later. The three mysterious UFOs assumed a triangle formation in the sky.

“The first event occurred northeast of Chandler, Arizona, where I, along with two of my friends, noticed an extremely bright light radiating in the sky,” the witness told MUFON. “As we positioned ourselves better to see what was going on, we noticed two smaller lights below the larger one in the shape of an equilateral triangle.”

The mysterious UFO lights hovered in the sky over the same spot for some minutes before one of the smaller crafts — the one on the left — disappeared. The other smaller UFO — the one on the right — disappeared moments later, leaving only the UFO with a large bright light.

After the second smaller UFO disappeared, the lone UFO with a bright light began drifting in the sky westward until it also disappeared.

“After a few minutes of hovering without movement, the light on the bottom left disappears, followed by the bottom right light, leaving only the larger light, which slowly began moving and creeping towards the west until it too disappeared after a minute,” the witness reported.

The witness and his friends were so awed during the first sighting that it did not occur to them to try to record it on video.

“We were in absolute awe over what we just saw, that is until one hour later when it returned.”

Alien UFO in the sky
But the strange UFO light appeared about an hour later and the witness was able to capture two videos of the sighting that lasted about five minutes, from 10:22 p.m. to 10:27 p.m. PST. He admitted the videos were of poor quality.

The mysterious UFO returned as a single bright light about 20 minutes later and was visible in the sky from about 10:47 p.m. to 10:52 p.m. PST, according to the witness.

The witness was able to record a clearer video during the third sighting.

The third video, taken during the third sighting, shows an airplane flying overhead with blinking navigational lights visible in the night sky. The mysterious UFO appears as a single bright light at a lower altitude, moving slowly westward.

The witness attempted to zoom in on the mysterious lights on multiple occasions during filming, but resolution was very low.

“None of the videos were edited, altered, or tampered with in any way.”

A Grey alien outside his UFO

“You can see in the beginning a plane flying overhead, clearly moving faster and with the lights blinking like a normal plane, yet the object below is either hovering, or just moving slowly to the west,” the witness reported.

“At 0:56, I zoomed into the object, but the craziest part was at 1:04 when the light flashes then changes from a whole orb into an eerie, doughnut-shaped circle,” he continued.

The witness pointed out that he was not attempting to zoom in on the UFO at the time it transformed into a doughnut-shaped circle of light, so the change in shape was not due to the object going out of focus while he was attempting to zoom in.

He did not notice the change in shape at the time he was filming. He first noticed it when he was reviewing the video later.

The UFO appeared once again 30 minutes later, from 11:09 p.m. to 11:12 p.m. This time it was accompanied by another UFO. He “missed recording the sighting” but did not explain why.

The two UFOs hovered side-by-side in the air for several minutes, according to the witness. And after two minutes, one began moving in circles behind the other and then disappeared.

The UFO returned an hour later and was visible from 12:11 a.m. to 12:13 a.m. PST on August 20.

The witness was baffled and at the same time intrigued by the sightings.

“I’ve been searching online all day today trying to find other people who witnessed one or more of the events,” he reported.

He was convinced that he may have witnessed extraterrestrial crafts conducting multiple flights over Chandler.

“I truly want to believe that what I saw was extraterrestrial, however, I can’t for sure prove that it was,” he reported.

MUFON said that its representatives in Arizona were investigation the sightings.

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