Is Dylan O’Brien OK? Months After ‘The Maze Runner 2’ Accident The ‘Teen Wolf’ Star Is Still Recovering From Facial Injuries

Dylan O’Brien, injured badly in March of this year while making the film Maze Runner 2: Death Curse, is still MIA from the set of Teen Wolf and Maze Runner production. Fans and more than a few journalists have been trying to piece together what happened to O’Brien and find out about his current condition.

Teen Wolf fans are very concerned that Dylan seems to be hidden away. They worry that he is possibly more profoundly injured than even the worst reports have described, or that he may have become depressed after the accident.

The Maze Runner 2 accident is still shrouded in mystery. Conflicting reports from the beginning added to the confusion as worried fans waited for news that was little more than rumor and guesswork. From the beginning, TMZ reported that Dylan had been hit by a car, but most news sources claimed that he had fallen face first from a large piece of set equipment. In that story, the car struck the set equipment, not Dylan.

Dylan O’Brien, injured badly apparently, was at first said not to be injured very much at all. Later, it was reported that his injuries were quite serious, just not life-threatening. We do know that Dylan had facial injuries including broken facial bones, lacerations, and a concussion.

The Teen Wolf star was taken to a hospital where a little information may have leaked. One report mentioned an orbital bone fracture, which is the bone that surrounds they eye, among many other conflicting reports that can’t be confirmed.

The Maze Runner 2 accident has not been explained specifically, probably for legal reasons. Still, rumors are circulating. The latest stories are very confusing and conflicting. The accident is said to have involved two cars, some crates, and a lanyard. The lanyard was not sufficient to hold the actor in place one said. The actor was pinned between two crates according to another source, while yet another story says he was pinned between two cars. There was another version that involved O’Brien being dragged beneath a car, perhaps hanging by the lanyard mentioned in the other stories. It gets confusing, but here is what is actually known.

Teen Wolf star Dylan O’Brien was injured on March 17 and the film company, 20th Century Fox, is allegedly at fault. According to a WorkSafeBC report, the company failed to ensure the safety of set workers and failed to notify Dylan of changes in an action sequence in which he was a key participant. The change in the way the stunt was performed increased the risk of injury, alleges the report.

The Maze Runner 2: Death Curse accident is described by the WorkSafeBC report. Below are excerpts from that report, provided by Huffington Post.

“The transition from the trailing vehicle to the leading vehicle was changed to be done in one sequence instead of two. When the change was made to the sequence there was no meeting held to review the changes with all involved.”

Dylan O’Brien is referred to in this document by the description, “the worker.” O’Brien’s name was redacted from the paperwork as well as the nature of his injuries to protect his privacy.

“The sequence now relied upon driver co-ordination and performance to keep the vehicles close enough during the transition, as the worker making the transition would end up rigged to the trailing vehicle but physically riding on the back of the leading vehicle. On preliminary investigation, it appears that the trailing vehicle slowed prematurely.”

The Maze Runner 2 accident apparently occurred with Dylan O’Brien riding between two cars involved in some sort of chase scene. He was riding on the front of the trailing car and trying to climb onto the back of the front car.

The Teen Wolf star had on some kind of apparatus or harness, being referred to as a lanyard, that was attached to the rear of the front car. The trailing car slowed down and Dylan was crawling or laying on it while attached to the front car.

Dylan O’Brien was injured when the distance between the two cars no longer allowed his body to rest on the rear car, and he was attached to the front car, therefore being pulled off the rear car. Obviously, he fell and might have been dragged face down, as one report stated, but there is no way to know.

The Maze Runner 2 sequence went wrong. The Teen Wolf star is accustomed to doing his own stunts, but this time O’Brien was seriously injured.

Dylan O;Brien by Jason Kempin c
As for Dylan O’Brien, a few pictures of him have surfaced on Twitter, and the Teen Wolf star has been seen outside his home at least a couple of times. He is wearing a beard and longer hair. CSN reports that O’Brien will return to the Teen Wolf set no earlier than October, and Jeff Davis the showrunner is uncertain if he will be ready by then. It is known, however, that the first half of the season was already filmed before the accident.

Dylan O’Brien did not attend the San Diego Comic-Con this year. Instead, it was announced that this season of Teen Wolf, Season 6, would be the show’s last. The news came as a surprise to everyone, even the cast. J.R. Bourne, Dylan’s co-star, told The Wrap that the cast was told immediately before the announcement. No explanation was given. When asked about Dylan O’Brien, J.R. Bourne replied he was doing great, as far as he knows.

“He’s doing great. I’ve tried to let him have his time, but I reached out through text just to let him know that he’s in my thoughts. But as far as I know, he’s doing well.”

Dylan O'Brien [Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]
The Maze Runner 2: Death Curse release date has been pushed back to January 12, 2018. The Teen Wolf star has hardly been outside his home in months, but Variety reports that Dylan will be making another movie called American Assassin based on a Vince Flynn novel. The movie will also star Taylor Kitsch. That is reassuring news, but the most reassuring news of Dylan is can be found on Twitter. There are a few photos there, but other than that, there is little known about the actor’s current condition. Still, he looks good in these pictures. This one appears to be recent.

Dylan O’Brien has been wearing a beard and long hair, according to all reports and recent pictures. He has remained in his home and is rarely been seen out.

Dylan O’Brien, seriously injured in a Maze Runner 2 scene, has not returned to work after five months, and it is uncertain when he will be back to the set of Teen Wolf.

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