At This Point Everyone Should Be Suspicious Of Frequent Climate Change Denial

For years now, the way people know how to find a Republican is by asking them about their thoughts on climate change and they’ll tell you it’s a great big liberal hoax. Because that’s one of many things just about every Republican, conservative or simply The Right in general, do as a group to actively deny the drastic impact of climate change.

Actually, despite that it’s been said that they do not believe in climate change; they believe in climate changing, they just don’t believe that the data showing it as a real threat, is real.

Follow that trail and the first thing one finds is the idea that the data collected is part of a conspiracy so that government can pull a “fast one” on the American people to wield more power.

Keep following that trail and one will find others forking off into Republicans blocking legislation which prevent services or organizations to act, those that help create infrastructures that would help coastal communities who are taking the hit right now, primarily organizations such as the military, because they feel they should be used to defend against fears of terrorism as priority over protecting flooded neighborhoods.

Climate change denial is not serving communities well.
Even though twenty-four hour cable news is efficient enough to cover the reports of flooding along the coast and currently, in Louisiana once again; there’s nothing like turning on the evening news and seeing the reports of devastation compressed in a matter of minutes to create alarm.

Especially since it is the evening news programs that appear to be obsessed with the weather.

An op-ed published by The New York Times makes a very convincing view that we’re already seeing the drastic impact of global warming more and more through these incidents.

Global warming has caused the sea level to rise and overpower blockades.
What should be even more alarming, however, is the fact that one can expect a Republican to deny climate change one day and never take a different view for as long as they’re part of the political game.

It should be suspicious to almost everyone that there is so much denial against the impact of climate change that it’s disproportional to the reality on the ground and again, in the communities that are seeing the impact firsthand.

The fight appears to be against science, scientists and/or both, and it’s frustrating to those scientists as well that those politicians who are in the best position to act are refusing to see the reality.

It’s a lot like a monster movie where the one person who has been warning everyone of the threat, proves the deniers wrong and everyone must reckon with the reality when it’s already too late.

The last several times storms hit cities along the coast, there was certainly devastation to report one death too many, in a nation that only tries to give the appearance that it’s ready for anything, and yet, was not able to act quickly enough to save everyone from the rising waters.

Of course, climate change deniers will argue until they’re blue in the face, and then let the next denier in line pick up where they left off to say that those storms were natural acts and had nothing to do with climate change.

And yet, cities such as New York decided to act and try to improve their infrastructure and emergency response to be better prepared the next time it happened, which is already a normal thing to do.

It takes a climate change denier, however, to know at some point when to say that the creation of that infrastructure is falling “too much” in line with climate change beliefs.

And all communities are asking for is funding to take care of the problem and put in some preventative measures, but the Republican-led congress is too busy obstructing and taking extended vacations to even bother.

The battle against climate change is unnecessary, and, clearly at this point, all deniers should be looked at as just another way of making an excuse to not help people who are in desperate need of that.

[Image by Max Becherer/AP Photos]