2PM Comeback: KPop Boy Band Releases Massive September Schedule And New Album Info

2PM is making a comeback. It’s official. As Soompi reports, band member Lee Junho posted a schedule of 2PM’s new album release schedule and it looks chock-full of goodies for KPop fans. The schedule was released on the band’s eighth anniversary.

The itinerary includes dates for the release of four sets of teaser images, a music video teaser, and dates for an online and offline album release. From the looks of the schedule announcement, it seems like the name of either a single or an album will be called “Gentleman’s Game” but there’s no confirmation on that little detail as yet.

The reveal of this information should not come as a surprise to the true 2PM KPop fans. As Soompi reports, the boy band’s agency, JYP Entertainment, previously made the announcement that they were making a big comeback in September via a written statement.

“2PM has set a goal to make a comeback by the middle of September and is currently preparing for the new album,” the statement read. “The album will show a different masculine image than their previous ‘beast-idol’ concept.” So, as Soompi notes, for this new 2PM era, the boys will be moving away from their previous “tough guy” image to a more “boyfriend” image.

According to All KPop, in his interview for Allure Korea in July, band member Jun.K revealed that 2PM are working hard to show off a more mature side when they make their comeback this month. This hard work includes getting in the gym and improving their fitness.

“The members are trying hard to make a song that allows us to show our mature, sexy sides, so look forward to it.”

When asked what the exercise was doing for him, he said, “It’s very important what kind of energy a person has, and I’ve worked hard to be the kind of person with an optimistic energy.”

During the interview with Allure Korea, June.K talked about the close bond that the members of 2PM have with each other.

“We went through a big incident in our early days, and it made our personal bonds stronger and, strictly speaking, the time we’ve spent together has been really long. I have personal reasons, too. A few years ago, when my father passed away, I couldn’t believe it and I didn’t even cry. But when the members arrived at the funeral, the moment our eyes met, suddenly, I burst into tears. That was when I realized how much I relied on my members.”


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Jun.K also teased the 2PM comeback during a promotional interview for his solo album, Mr. No Love, last month, All KPop reports.

“2PM is preparing for a comeback as well. You can expect us by this September or October,” he said. “The members are all working [on making songs]. You’ll be able to see an improved side of us.”

For newbies to KPop, 2PM is a six-member boy band that was formed eight years ago. The members’ names are Jun. K (formerly known as Junsu), Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Junho, and Chansung. As Music Mind notes, the members of 2PM were formerly part of an 11-member boy band known as One Day. But that group was split into two groups called 2PM and 2AM respectively. 2PM first hit the charts with a song called “10 Jeom Manjeome 10 Jeom” which roughly translates to”10 Points Out of 10 Points” in English.

They achieved their first number one KPop Hit with “Again and Again.” Both singles are featured on their first album 1:59PM

[Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images]