‘Big Brother’ Alum Nick Uhas Amazes ‘Today’ Show Hosts With Explosive Science Experiments [Video]

Only a handful of Big Brother alumni have used the platform to make a viable, successful career for themselves in entertainment. Nick Uhas of Big Brother 15 fame is one of those houseguests who has become a highly sought-after commodity, due to his knowledge of science and his charismatic personality.

Nick appeared on the NBC’s Today show for the fourth time (the first time was in Australia) last week after wowing show hosts during his previous appearances, which helped him gain the designation of the “coolest guest ever.”

In his most recent stint on the show, Nick interacted with Today show hosts in New York City as a bevy of adoring fans looked on. Nick challenged the hosts, asking whether they thought they could walk on water sitting in a large vat he provided if it also contained cornstarch. The results were surprising when a demonstration showed that bolting across the mixture quickly technically allowed a person to walk on water, however, the mixture acted like quick sand upon stopping.

Nick Uhas of Big Brother 15 fame appeared on the Today show and demonstrated his knowledge of science.
In another demonstration, Today show host Matt Lauer aided Nick in a heated experiment that looked magical, as a soapy bubble concoction served as a fire accelerant while held in the hand.

Nick Uhas of Big Brother 15 fame appeared on the Today show and demonstrated his knowledge of science.
In a show-stopping explosive experiment, Nick recruited hosts Carson Daly and Savannah Guthrie to help him pour liquid into three containers that held some sort of super-strength hydrogen peroxide. As they did, what looked like heavy foam came shooting out, which was brilliant.

Carson continued to proclaim at the site, “That is awesome!” while Matt Lauer stated, “That is cool.”

Nick Uhas of Big Brother 15 fame appeared on the Today show and demonstrated his knowledge of science.
Additionally, the group made sure to announce that viewers should not try to replicate these experiments at home, as they could be dangerous for individuals who are not science experts and don’t know what they’re doing.

If that was not enough, for his final amazing feat, Nick asked the Today show hosts what they thought would take place if warm water was poured into liquid nitrogen, which has a temperature of -321 degrees below freezing, Nick announced. Matt and Carson took part in this experiment and were required to wear blast shields or face protection during participation. Nick noted that the mixture of warm water and liquid nitrogen should turn into a cloud, but did not reveal just how big that cloud would become.

Carson was chosen to dump the water into the nitrogen, and when he did, a massively large cloud formed and shot straight up, causing all present to collectively ooh and ah. The cloud continued to spread among the crew and the crowd, looking like a dense, impenetrable fog had just overtaken the area.

As they were during the previous times Nick was on the show, the Today hosts were in awe of what he had brought to the table.

Matt said, “You know what… it doesn’t even matter what the science is behind it, it’s just plain fun!”

Not only does Nick provide science information and knowledge to the masses in an entertaining way, he also maintains the wildly popular YouTube channel Nickipedia, which is filled with even more science fun. In addition, Nick and his cousin, Kevin Campbell, dish about Big Brother on a regular basis on his Nick Uhas 2 channel, discussing the game, strategy, and the houseguests themselves.

Nick is also one of the hosts of FabLab, a show that urges younger viewers to think about possible careers in science by featuring unique and interesting stories that involve technology and innovation. The series airs on Fox channel affiliates on weekend mornings.

In the meantime, Big Brother 18 continues airing on CBS on Wednesday and Sunday nights at 8 p.m. Eastern Time, and Thursday nights at 9 p.m. Eastern Time. Big Brother After Dark airs on Pop on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights at 12 a.m. Eastern Time, Tuesday at 11 p.m. Eastern Time, and Thursday at 1 a.m. Eastern Time. Live feeds are broadcast from inside the Big Brother 18 house 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and are available from CBS All Access.

[Photo Used With Permission of Nathan Congleton/Today Show]