‘Duck Dynasty’ Granddaughter Sadie Robertson Splits From Trevor Knight

Sadie Robertson, granddaughter of Duck Dynasty‘s Phil Robertson, and Texas A&M quarterback Trevor Knight have called it quits after pursuing a romance that lasted just shy of two months. Robertson and Knight had been dating since mid July and, even after a few weeks of dating, Sadie had been very casual in speaking about the nature of their relationship, telling the press that her romance with Knight was nothing serious. Now, it seems that relationship has run its course, and, as Sadie suggests, there’s nothing more to be learned about the break-up or about her past romance with Trevor.

Duck Dynasty Star Sadie Robertson Talks About Splitting From Trevor Knight

Sadie Robertson exclusively told Fox News that she and Trevor Knight had broken up in a Thursday interview, though she wouldn’t give a specific reason for the split. The Duck Dynasty personality didn’t seem heartbroken as she revealed the news and wasn’t at all suggesting any sort of conflict between Knight and herself. In fact, Ms. Robertson still speaks highly of the football star.

“Me and Trevor actually just broke up,” Sadie said in the interview. “It’s okay, it’s fine.”

After a moment, she seemed eager to keep gossip from casting Knight as the bad guy in the aftermath of their relationship.

“I can say even after we broke up, he’s a great guy and I think he’s doing amazing things in his career,” Robertson added.

Previously, Sadie had been involved with Blake Howard for two years, before that romance ended.

While there might still be some hurt feelings, Ms. Robertson doesn’t have time to dwell on them. Sadie has organized the “Live Original 2016 Tour” in which Robertson’s family and close friends will participate in bringing “motivational messages, live music and interactive sessions” to fans across the country.

“I am so excited to finally announce the Live Original Tour!” Robertson said in a press release. “We have such a solid group. I know that it’s going to be absolutely life changing, not just for those attending but also for all of us involved.”

Sadie’s Romance With Trevor Knight Was Brief And Casual

Early at the beginning of August, rumors that a romance was developing between Sadie Robertson and Trevor Knight were spreading like wildfire and it wasn’t long before the Duck Dynasty star revealed there was some truth to public suspicions. Entertainment Tonight reported that Sadie had confirmed there was something between the Texas A&M quarterback and herself.

“We’ve been dating for three weeks, so it’s super chill,” Robertson said at the time.

Throughout those previous three weeks, Robertson and Knight had done little to conceal their budding romance. The couple were frequently seen in one another’s company, and adding greater proof of the romance, Sadie and Trevor also made appearances in each other’s social media posts.

“He had messaged me because he goes to Haiti every year on a mission trip and he saw that I go to Haiti,” Sadie explained. “We just kinda connected through that, very much friends at first.”

Things moved along from there and fate soon intervened, when some of Sadie’s girlfriends cancelled on plans to attend a concert together. Left with tickets and no one to go with, Robertson invited Knight. Robertson admitted that they did hit it off the night of the concert, but reveals that things dwindled, until Trevor called her back a month later. It was then that they started their romance.

“Trevor has to deal with his own kinda fame — that was weird for me,” Sadie said. “We’re both kinda in the spotlight… but he does such a good job with it. He is a very strong Christian and he tells everybody about his faith, so we had a lot in common in that area.”

Unfortunately, it seems that wasn’t enough to keep this pair together, but, from the sound of things, their friendship may continue to grow.

[Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for CMT]