iPhone 7: Three Reasons The Galaxy Note 7 Recall Will Help Apple

After three years of struggling, Samsung finally climbed back to the top of the tech world in 2016. The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge both received fantastic reviews and sales. Then, the Galaxy Note 7 came out and, according to most, exceeded expectations in every way possible.

Unfortunately, the Galaxy Note 7 has been recalled. Android Authority has the news.

“By now, you’ve probably heard that Samsung is recalling all Galaxy Note 7 units it has shipped so far due to the risk of malfunction and fire. Samsung has come out with an official confirmation today, but the details about the Note 7 recall are still a bit murky.”

The Note 7 recall may be bad news for Samsung and Note 7 consumers, but it has become the best thing to happen to Apple in years. As the Inquisitr noted a few months back, the iPhone 7 has caused controversy and has largely been seen as the boring smartphone that will destroy Apple’s reputation even more. Even if the new iPhone is boring, Apple has nothing to worry about. Here are three reasons why the Galaxy Note 7 recall is a win for Apple.

Apple Will Use Samsung’s Problems as iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Promotional Tool

One doesn’t need to have ESP in order to predict Apple’s next commercial.

“The iPhone 7 may not cause miracles to happen but at least it won’t blow up in your face” may be heard in television and internet commercials in the next month or so. And the worst part about it is that Apple wouldn’t be lying.

If Apple really wants to get nasty, they can claim that the iPhone 7 helps productivity, while the Galaxy Note 7 can be used as a weapon. However, in today’s politically correct environment, that may not go down too well with some.

Apple iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Will Sell Regardless of Quality

Isn’t it awful that both the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus won’t have a headphone jack? After all, the Verge has called Apple downright hostile for this. Based on leaks, the new iPhones won’t be much different from the 2015 versions.

This would have been bad news for Apple investors just one week ago. But now, people waiting for the latest and greatest smartphone won’t have much of a choice. Even if the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus aren’t absolutely perfect, they certainly beat buying smartphones that can blow up on you. Besides, even if the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus aren’t complete overhauls, they are offering new stereo speakers, improved cameras, and improved screens, which are enough to satisfy a lot of buyers.

Galaxy Note 7 Recall Is Perfect Timing for Apple

The Note 7 Recall couldn’t have come at a better time for Apple. A highly suspicious person might even go out of their way to suggest that Apple planted mini explosives in the Note 7 to coincide with Apple’s iPhone event on Wednesday. Now, people who are returning their Note 7 devices have a new phone to pre-order. If Apple releases the new iPhone earlier than expected, they could buy it right away. You just know they are smiling in Cupertino today.

However, even though things are bad for Samsung right now, people can’t completely dismiss the Korean company. The Galaxy Note 7 recall may prove what a responsible company Samsung is and make their loyal customers even more loyal. Even if people don’t trust the Galaxy Note 7, they may just go for the Galaxy S7 Edge, which is still a hot item. Still, Samsung has a lot of PR work to do in the days ahead.

[Image via Daryl Deino]