Missing Florida Student’s Backpack Found At Suspect’s Home

Christian Aguilar has been missing for more than a week and police have charged a suspect for his murder. Now, police are reporting that the missing Florida student’s backpack was found at the suspect’s home.

CNN reports that a search of suspect Pedro Bravo’s home turned up Aguilar’s backpack was found hidden inside a suitcase in Bravo’s closet. That bit of evidence changed Bravo’s status from person of interest to murder suspect. There were also samples of blood from Bravo’s vehicle collected. Those samples will be tested to see if they belong to Aguilar.

The Huffington Post reports that Bravo initially told police that he and Aguilar had an altercation, and that he left the 18-year old unconscious in a parking lot, which led police to believe he may be alive but disoriented. That no longer appears to be the belief.

“The body of Christian Aguilar has not yet been recovered,” said police spokesman Ben Tobias. “We still encourage citizens to help us in this search.

“We would … encourage property owners, residential or business, who may have lime rock roads on their property, that were accessible to the general public, to search those properties for any suspicious areas of ground that appear to have been disturbed,” Tobias added, saying lime rock was found in Bravo’s vehicle.

Police also encourage anyone who may have seen a suspicious vehicle, likened to a blue Chevy Blazer, near Sept. 20 in the Gainesville area to call police.

Aguilar’s father told CNN that his son disappeared after a fight over a girl.