'Doctors' Korean Drama Stars Kim Rae Won And Park Shin Hye Secretly Dating In Real Life?

Patricia Grannum

The Korean drama Doctors may have just ended but the chemistry between co-stars Kim Rae Won and Park Sin Hye has fans wondering whether the two actors are dating in real life.

"There are actors who care only about their roles. But in this drama, Shin-hye and I were all open to each other and thus had no other option but to show good chemistry," Rae Won added.

— Korean Drama (@kdrama_crave) August 23, 2016

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Doctors premiered on June 20, 2016, and had a 20-episode run until August 23. This K-drama was pretty successful from day one according to Yon Hap News. Viewership for the romantic comedy ranked the highest among all Korean dramas in the same time slot on Mondays and Tuesdays. Its final episode garnered a 20 percent share of the viewing audience, which is pretty impressive.

— Korean Drama (@kdrama_crave) August 23, 2016

"Park and other junior actors rather felt comfortable with me and treated me like their brother who is a few years older than them," Rae Won said. "So everything went naturally without having to discuss much about how to act."

According to Yon Hap News, he did, however, admit that he changed his hairstyle so that he could blend in with the younger male actors on set.

Kim added that he couldn't be more happy about the success of Doctors.

"I'm really happy because viewers loved the drama very much," he said, adding that he would love to do another romantic drama if possible. This was the first romantic series that Kim Rae Won has done in five years since A Thousand Days' Promise in 2011. His other Hallyu dramas include 2003's Rooftop Room Cat, 2004's Love Story in Harvard, and 2004's My Little Bride. After that, Kim became known for playing more serious dramatic roles.

"I want to do a doctor character once again, in a really professional way next time. If I had more time, I would have visited an operating room to watch how doctors work," he said.

— Korean Drama (@kdrama_crave) August 22, 2016

"I don't know. I filmed two movies and have a lot to do still. [Marriage] probably won't be for another few years. I'm not self-centered, but I have big dreams for the 2nd leg of my career," Kim Rae Won said during a recent interview.

Given the popularity of the series, questions about a Doctors Season 2 have already started to pop up. The show has not officially been renewed as yet, Yibada reports, so it's unsure whether we will see Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye on screen together again.

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