At Least Six Little Mix Zayn Malik-Free Fourth Album Possibilities

Have you heard that Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards might have a new song on their next album that talks about her ex, Zayn Malik? If you are tired of this broken record theme and want some fresh insight about what to expect from Little Mix’s fourth album, there are at least six possibilities for songwriting material based on their headlines over the past year.

Naturally, there is likely to be some truth in the rumors that Little Mix’s album four will contain tidbits about Zayn Malik. Despite this, Zayn’s ex, Perrie Edwards, has moved on. Heat confirmed at the end of August that Perrie Edwards will not be pining over Zayn Malik in her future music because Luke Pasqualino is her new man.

In fact, when Perrie Edwards and Little Mix opened up about writing their fourth album, they talked about everything except Zayn Malik. For example, on August 13, Daily Mail reports that Perrie Edwards described Little Mix’s fourth album with the following.

“It’s quite slick … Still pop, still fun, a little bit of quirkiness; especially production-wise this time. Some of it’s quite chilled and laid back. [Fans are] in for a treat.”

Perrie Edwards also stated in her update about the recording of album four that the songwriting described personal, emotional, and career experiences. Perrie Edwards continued by saying that most of Little Mix found the writing of their fourth album to be “like therapy,” and that is why they are “loving it so much.”


Perrie Edwards also indicated that the songs center around “what’s been happening in the past few months or the past year.”

Other hints that have been dropped by Little Mix about their fourth album include that at least one song will be produced by Ryan Lewis, the producer famous for Macklemore’s award-winning sounds, according to Belfast Telegraph.

A second possibility will be that the fourth album from Little Mix will attempt to appeal to American listeners. It was noted by The Guardian in an early December 2015 interview with Brennan Carley from Spin that “part of the problem with [Little Mix] is that they’ve always been a bit too 90’s-grounded in their sound to launch big in the U.S. … Theirs is a softer sound compared to Fifth Harmony’s icier jagged edges.”

Naturally, a third possible intention behind Little Mix’s album four will be that it can compete with Fourth Impact and Fifth Harmony. Telly Mix writes that this is especially awkward because Fourth Impact made their mark on X Factor by doing a Little Mix cover.

One other nice surprise is that the fourth album might have a little bit of Little Mix ex-boyfriends mixed in, but let’s not forget about Jesy Nelson’s long-term man, Jake Roche, and his songwriting abilities.

List recently reported that Jake Roche is writing songs about his father, Shane Richie. Since he is in a songwriting mood, does this mean there is a chance fans will see Jake Roche in the Little Mix album four songwriting credits?

Finally, Jed Elliott and Little Mix’s Jade Thirlwall are in a happy relationship, according to Just Jared, and this might lead to a few love songs for album four.

Nevertheless, Perrie Edwards might not be the only one to have some songs of heartbreak to write for Little Mix. In particular, Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne Pinnock also went through a breakup recently from her boyfriend, Jordan Kiffin, according to Mirror.

Regardless, there may be another possible theme in Little Mix’s next album about all of the men in their lives — and it could be centered around the unique heartbreak side of success.

Zayn Malik (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/ Getty Images)

For example, Jesy Nelson revealed that she would not even think of marrying her current boyfriend, Jake Roche, because the demands of her music career do not allow her time to think about marriage. TV3 adds to this with Jesy Nelson stating the following.

“Things have been so full-on for us for the past year, we just haven’t had any time to do anything.”

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