Sturbridge Police Hunt Suspect In Assault Case That Left Child In Hospital – Brent Young On Run With Self-Inflicted Neck Wounds

Sturbridge police are currently on the hunt for a local man who is wanted in connection to an assault involving a woman and her child last night. The authorities are mainly focusing on the wooded areas at this time, believing that the suspect fled there after the incident at the Sturbridge, Massachusetts home.

The wanted man has been identified by the police as 42-year-old Brent Young and the incident in which he is accused of being involved occurred late Friday night. The police said that he was actually shirtless when he fled the scene of the assault and was only wearing a pair of blue jeans with black and white sneakers. The suspect is also said to be suffering from a self-inflicted wound to his neck. The description for him also revealed that the Sturbridge man is 6-foot 2-inches tall and weighs approximately 150 pounds.

The Sturbridge police responded to reports of a disturbance on Vinton Road at approximately 6:50 p.m. last night where, local Boston CBS affiliate WBZ reported that, they found a woman and a young male suffering from stabbing injuries they say were caused by the suspect. The child had the worse of the injuries though, a stabbing wound on his arm that had to be operated on when police took him to the hospital. The staff at UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester have listed that following his surgery, the boy is now in stable condition. The injuries on the woman were said to be non-life threatening and she was taken to Harrington Hospital.

It is not yet clear what relation Brent Young has to the woman and child who were allegedly assaulted by him last night, but the police were focusing on a wooded area nearby the home on Vinton Road as the suspect fled the scene on foot and was bleeding from his self-inflicted neck wound.

Sturbridge police Sgt. Kevin R. Mercier gave a press release regarding the hunt for Brent Young and the possible difficulties they face.

“We do not know the extent or the seriousness of this self-inflicted injury. This is an active and ongoing search and we are being assisted by multiple K9 teams from surrounding agencies. The search area is a heavily wooded area with multiple swamps and wetlands.”

Massachusetts Live has written that not much beyond these details is known by the media at this time, but the police search for the assault suspect is seeking the assistance of the public. They have announced that anyone with information that could aid in the search or result in the arrest of the wanted man can contact 911 or the Sturbridge Police Department at 508-347-2525.

The investigation is ongoing and the potential charges that the man will be facing have not yet been announced.

It is unfortunate for the Massachusetts police that their hunt could not go as smooth as that of the Stuart, Florida police department and their hunt this past week. In that case, the Inquisitr reported that the suspect was another 42-year-old man by the name of Mack Yearwood. This suspect thought it would be a good idea to use his own wanted poster as his Facebook Profile picture and then made the hunt even easier by ignoring a friend’s comment under the picture to take it down as police use Facebook now.

Yearwood actually not only ignored the comment but answered his friend that the Florida police would not come to Tennessee to get him. He was wrong. The Florida man was arrested a day after and even had additional charges added when a bag of weed fell out of his pants on front of the police during his arrest. They were hunting him because he was wanted on battery charges.

[Image via Sturbridge Police Department]