Hillary Clinton Victory Will Spark Popular Armed Revolt By ‘Second Amendment People’ To Overthrow Her Government, Right-Wing Blogger Warns

A right-wing blogger has warned in a lengthy and bizarre piece that a victory for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election will spark a popular armed revolt to overthrow her government. According to right-wing blogger and conspiracy theorist Mike Adams, writing on his Natural News blog, if Clinton wins the 2016 presidential election, chaos will erupt across the country, because citizens will reject the result of an election that legitimizes the “criminality and corruption of the Clinton crime family.”

He warns ominously that victory for Clinton will spark a violent revolution that could escalate into Civil War.

According to Adams, Americans have reached a breaking point, and the only thing holding back the masses from armed revolt is the hope that victory for Trump will release them from tyranny and government oppression.

“Nothing in this article should be construed as any intention to call for violence of any kind. I reference such acts, however… as likely outcomes in our near future.”

He argues that victory for Clinton could happen only through a rigged election or through “outrageously biased media deception.” And if a rigged election or “an outrageously biased media” takes the only source of hope from Americans, they will have no choice but to resort to armed revolt and “refreshing the Tree of Liberty with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

Adams emphasizes that Americans have reached a point where further enforcement of government power without their consent would result in open rebellion. He lectures that a successful armed revolution could be implemented by a small group of American patriots marching on Washington to overthrow the corrupt regime of President Hillary Clinton and arrest members of the mainstream media, preparatory to installing an interim government.

“So much of America is already at the breaking point now that such a move [rebellion] would very likely enjoy widespread support from the population at large.”

A Bundy ranch militia member

If Clinton wins the election, there will likely be calls for revolt across the country as a result of her corruption and criminality, he claims. An overthrow of her government would be easy because she is so widely despised by soldiers and police officers that it would be difficult for her government to command their loyalty.

“In fact, it’s a lot easier to imagine a military coup against President Clinton that it is to imagine a successful eradication of the Second Amendment by her presidency,” Adams writes unabashedly.

He points out that the violent overthrow of an elected government is not uncommon, so if it happens in the U.S. after Clinton wins, it would not be an unprecedented event. Violent revolutions happen because when the masses reach a point at which they are unable to further tolerate criminality in government, they simply march on the capital and arrest the leaders.

“There’s nothing new under the sun… everything we are about to experience [armed uprising] has happened before.”

Arguing further that armed rebellion against a government is not unusual in history, he lists a number of violent revolutions in history, including the French Revolution, Fidel Castro’s Cuban revolution, Chairman Mao’s revolution in China, and the American Revolution.

“If you don’t know anything about history, then you have no clue how history reliably repeats itself as human populations re-experience the same tyrannies, the same political deceptions and the same inner call for freedom that our ancestors already lived through (or died for),” he writes.

He warns the complacent Washington elite, urging them to understand that Americans have nothing left to lose if Clinton wins the election. A Clinton win will be the last straw after American citizens have lost their jobs and their health coverage to Obamacare. American patriots have also been robbed of their national pride. They have been ridiculed by the corrupt media and “evil leftists.” Their culture and religious beliefs have been attacked and demonized. They have now reached a point where they are ready to pick up pitchforks and march against the oppressors.

He warns darkly that patriots know that “if they don’t draw a line in the sand right here, right now, they’re going to be disarmed, enslaved and impoverished.”

“We are very, very close to that day in America,” he continues, striking a sinister note. “It may, in fact, unravel in just the next 100 days.”

But he appears to attempt to deflect the suggestion that he is inciting the right-wing masses to violence if Clinton wins by suggesting that violence will also break out if Trump wins.

But in both scenarios — a Trump or Clinton win — he blames the “loony left” for inciting Trump supporters to violence.

Violence will break out because the “loony left” will force Trump supporters to “unholster their concealed weapons” and start shooting.

“No matter who wins this election, mass violence breaks out across America in one way or another.”

He also blames the “corporate elites and their servants in the media,” saying they will be responsible for “blood in the streets.”

He attacks the media for having “funneled millions of dollars into the Clinton Foundation and intentionally downplayed all Clinton scandals.”

“The entire system is a corrupt, incestuous, rigged f**kfest that benefits the deceitful plutocrats.”

Hillary Clinton

He claims that when violence erupts after Clinton or Trump wins it will escalate due to the provocation of the “Second Amendment people” by the “lunatic leftist Hillary supporters.”

Trump supporters will retaliate with violence because they will refuse to continue tolerating attacks and humiliation by the Democratic thugs. Trump supporters will fight back because they have nothing to lose and have to save their America.

He points out that Trump supporters are very well armed, and their rage is justifiable and consequently their anticipated actions. The only reason why they have so far not resorted to violence despite provocation by the left is that the “whorish mainstream media” will take advantage of any retaliation by Trump supporters to claim that the Trump movement is violent and racist.

Trump supporters aren’t resorting to violence now because they want to help Donald Trump’s candidacy achieve victory. But if Clinton is “elected by hook or by crook,” the Trump movement will feel free to respond to provocation and physical attacks by the “loony left.”

He reminds the “loony left” who are apt to provoking Trump supporters that “44 percent of U.S. households now own guns” due to President Barack Obama’s “criminal efforts” to undermine the Second Amendment.

“People bought all these guns for a reason. And they sure didn’t buy them just to turn them over to a corrupt criminal government.”

He goes on to argue bizarrely that if Trump wins, Obama will deliberately open the border for the remainder of 2016 before Trump occupies the White House in 2017 and allow illegals to invade the U.S. Then the “globalist banksters” will deliberately “crash the global debt bubble” and unleash economic chaos to sabotage Trump’s administration.

The globalists and their supporters will try to cause chaos because of fear that Clinton will be imprisoned and other leftists, such as Eric Holder, Lorreta Lynch, and Huma Abedin, will be tried for treason.

Trump would respond by calling on his “Second Amendment people” to defend America against the globalists who want to discredit his presidency. This will lead to fighting on the streets between American patriots and “leftist terrorists.”

As violence escalates the United Nations would mobilize “blue helmet troops.”

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