Will Lana Del Rey Finally Avoid Stalkers With Third L.A. Real Estate Buy?

Lana Del Rey has been surprisingly busy lately, and it is no wonder that she had to cancel her Mexico concert in October. Interestingly, with some of her free time, Lana Del Rey decided to buy her third luxury property in Los Angeles.

Of course, the real mystery in Lana Del Rey’s life is whether or not she decided to buy a third property because of her alleged boyfriend, Francesco Carrozzini. Although Lana Del Rey has been keeping her relationship details on the down low, it is assumed that they are still together, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Regardless, is Lana Del Rey’s move away from Malibu to a third luxury property a sign that the two are over for good? Alternatively, is Lana Del Rey attempting to escape from pesky “fans” that invade her privacy?

What fans do know about Lana Del Rey’s home life is that she has bought two adjacent mansions in Hollywood Hills. The first was allegedly purchased around August and the second, nearby mansion was bought soon after.

Lana Del Rey performing a song at Southern California's Wiltern Theatre.

Currently, Lana Del Rey lives in another area of Orange County in Malibu on the beach. According to a June 2015 report from TMZ, Lana Del Rey moved across town from Hancock Park to a secluded area of Malibu because fans kept crossing boundaries.

Lana Del Rey also said that the issue that drove her to Malibu was that her Hancock Park house was “too accessible to fans” that wanted to camp out next door, and one “fan” broke into her backyard.

Unfortunately, this pattern of invasive, rude and dangerous “fans” followed Lana Del Rey in Malibu. For example, in December 2015, E! Online reports that a 19-year-old man claiming to be an infatuated fan was arrested sleeping in one of Lana Del Rey’s cars in the garage of her Malibu mansion.

Two days later, around December 4, 2015, a woman was convicted of stealing two of Lana Del Rey’s luxury cars. Complex reports that the cars were returned, but the woman was arrested for theft.

Almost a month later, on January 4, Billboard reported that Lana Del Rey was getting a restraining order against two Russian women. Allegedly, the pair were stalking Lana Del Rey’s Malibu mansion, screaming her name in the middle of the night, and leaving suicide notes in her mailbox.

Lana Del Rey also allegedly had to pay for the expense of hiring extra bodyguards to deal with the Russian stalkers invading her privacy in Malibu.

Now, Celebuzz writes on September 2 that Lana Del Rey will own two adjacent mansions in Hollywood Hills. Naturally, a question for fans worried about Lana Del Rey’s safety might be whether or not her new Hollywood Hills mansion is part of highly-secured gated community.

Lana Del Rey fans say she told them she is still with Francesco Carrozzini

Wall Street Journal clarifies the needs of celebrities like Lana Del Rey to live in places like Hollywood Hills where communities are organized to keep fans and stalkers at a minimum.

For example, they stated that gated communities found in the 90210 ZIP Code (directly west of Lana Del Rey neighborhood of Hollywood Hills) are favored by celebrities that inevitably cannot keep their home address out of public domains on the internet.

Other recent Hollywood Hills neighbors for Lana Del Rey include Harry Styles and Niall Horan of One Direction, according to Hollywood Life.

While stalkers may get to see less of Lana Del Rey if she moves into her Hollywood Hills mansions (and that is a good thing), Mexico is particularly forlorn that she had to cancel her performance at the Live Out festival in Monterrey.

Just Jared writes that the good news is that she immediately rescheduled the cancelled October 1 show and will do another concert at the Corona Capital Festival in Mexico City on November 19 to 21.

One other piece of news revealed when she cancelled the Monterrey show is that Lana Del Rey is currently in a recording studio. This is great news for her fans because when Lana Del Rey’s “previously unheard” demos that were leaked on August 18 by Paper Mag and others, it was a sad reminder that Honeymoon was released on the exact same date the year before.

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