WWE News: Fans Are Demanding Justice For WWE Superstar Summer Rae Over Not Appearing On TV Since WWE Draft

We know by now that the WWE Draft is over and every single WWE Superstar has been placed on a roster, except one….and he’s getting there. With the draft, most assumed that this would allow for more television time for every person in the company. Even Heath Slater, who is without a home thus far and has a rumored twelve kids now on top of his above ground pool, has been on both WWE RAW and Smackdown Live a lot under the guise as a free agent.

WWE has tried to make sure everyone gets television time weekly, but this has not gone well for the WWE RAW crew. Many days, people are left off of television who really shouldn’t be. For example, Sami Zayn who just had a match of the year candidate was left off the main WWE SummerSlam card and sparingly used on WWE RAW. Nia Jax has also fallen victim to missing a show, despite the fact that they have tried to build her since she arrived.

However, one person may have the biggest beef among anyone on any roster, and that’s WWE Superstar Summer Rae. Considered to be a great heel character who has flowed well between wrestler and manager, Summer has not gotten a lot of television time since the draft took place. In fact, she hasn’t had any TV time on WWE RAW at all. You would be forgiven for having thought she was injured or not even on the roster still because they have not even attempted to use her outside of the lesser shows such as WWE Superstars and Main Event.

Summer photoshoot
She was getting built up a little before the WWE Draft took place and most assumed she would be given a shot on RAW to see what could be done with her. Some believed she would show up again as a manager for someone who truly needed it, but nothing has happened and fans seemed to be getting angry over it. A hashtag was created on Twitter with fans literally demanding justice for Summer Rae, with the “#Justice4SummerRae.

It got so popular that it ended up in the trending topics for both Monday and Tuesday of this past week. Summer Rae would of course see it herself, which seem to make her pleased enough to comment on the whole thing.

“So I hear y’all got a cool hashtag trending last night huh?”

The leggy blonde was trying to break into WWE when the company signed a lot of model-types. In 2011, she would be hired, and naturally most were against the hire online, believing Summer Rae to be exactly like all the other girls WWE had hired who all looked good, but could not wrestle well at all. What fans didn’t realize was that Summer had spent time in the Lingerie Football League where she was known as one of the hard hitting Cornerbacks in the league and was a legitimate athlete most of her life.

Summer Indian Deathlock
She would leave the LFL and eventually find her way to the WWE where she would show up on FCW while being trained by the staff. She became a GM of sorts for the developmental show, but it was shortly after that WWE would move operations to Orlando, Florida and shift everything to be under the WWE NXT banner. It was here that she wanted to prove people wrong. She needed a shot to prove herself, and did just that.

She began doing impressive matches on WWE NXT along with Paige, where eventually the two would meet to have a good match together. Some even believe the NXT Women’s Revolution started with her and Paige. She would then get called up to manage Fandango where she would also show she could wrestle to an international audience. Despite the work, WWE has never used her all that well due to all the other girls getting time. The one time they tried to feature her more, the entire Rusev/Lana ordeal came about, and she has not been used very much since.

WWE seemed to have some sort of plan for her after WrestleMania 32, but then nothing came from it, which made people feel she would be used better after the WWE Draft only to not be used at all since. Due to the the love for Summer Rae trending, one has to assume that WWE will see this and try to get her on WWE RAW this Monday for some sort of match to give the fans what they want.

[Image via WWE]