‘Gold Rush’ Season 7 Drama: Parker Schnabel Mourns Grandpa And Does Todd Hoffman Find Gold In Oregon?

The jammed packed, two-hour Gold Rush Season 7 premiere will be on Friday, October 14. This promises a roller coaster of emotions, adventure and drama. There promises to be an opportunity to mourn the death of beloved gold miner John Schnabel along with his adoring grandson, Parker. In addition, everyone wants to know how the Hoffmans are doing with their new gold mining claim in Oregon.

Much of the allure of Gold Rush has been the coming-of-age story of Parker Schanbel. His special relationship with his now late grandfather, John Schnabel, has been an endearing part of this show for the past six seasons. Grandpa John had taught Parker everything he needed to know to become a successful gold miner. Whenever Parker had a difficult decision to make or needed guidance or feedback, he went back to his grandfather and John Schnabel shared his wisdom with his grandson. Their moments together has been one of the top reasons people tune in on Friday evenings to the popular Discovery Channel show. Sadly, John Schanbel died in March at the age of 96.

Now Parker is truly on his own and the memory of the wisdom his grandfather shared and his own personal mettle is what this young gold miner will need to rely on to continue his amazing success as a gold miner. No doubt, the new season will show Parker struggle without his grandfather. The preview shows Parker admitting this is the case.

“I don’t know what it’s going to be like without him.”

Season 7 will commence with John Schnabel’s funeral. Parker and his father are seen in the preview with Roger Schnabel telling his son, “I lost a dad and you lost a grandpa all at the same time.”

According to the information People received, in this season, Parker’s “emotions and leadership will be tested.” First, Parker has a girlfriend! In addition, Parker saves money where he can, but makes a personal record-breaking investment in his gold mining operation by purchasing a new washplant. No word on what this new piece is called.

“[Parker] makes the biggest investment in the history of his operation by ordering a customized $600,000 washplant. But will it be enough to beat out his archrival Todd Hoffman? With a new girlfriend from Australia, Ashley Yule, joining him in the Klondike, it will be a season like no other for Parker. His gold mining plan is to go lean and mean in an attempt to make his biggest profit yet.”

Now, what about the Hoffman crew? Last season ended with Todd Hoffman, “King of the Klondike” convincing Dave Turin that they needed to mine for gold in Oregon. Fans of the show are surely holding their breath as to whether this decision will be a success or create further ridicule around this group of miners. No one can forget what a disaster it was to mine in South America.

The teaser for this season is that Hoffman has already admitted that he has lost “several hundred thousand dollars” because equipment was damaged and broken. Not only are there the usual Hoffman financial issues, but there is also more crew issues. A fight breaks out and after the equipment flips and is damaged, a worker declares, “Enough is enough. I’m finished.” No word on how much gold this group has found, or if their season is dramatically extended as the weather in Oregon is not as severe as in the Klondike. What this sounds like is drama overload!

Where there has been real personal drama was certainly with the death of John Schnabel. The Schnabel Family have expressed their appreciation for the support of all Gold Rush fans since the death of the family patriarch.

“We couldn’t have asked for a better father, grandfather and overall family man. He was a true legend and we appreciate all of your love and support as we celebrate his wonderful life.”

Are you excited about the new season of Gold Rush? Do you think Parker is ready to really go out on his own now? Do you think the Hoffman crew will find gold in Oregon?

[Photo by David Becker/Getty Images for Professional Bull Riders]